Worcester County Officials Launch Initiative for Healthier Living through Family-Focused Program

In Worcester County, Maryland, health officials are initiating efforts to underscore the importance of well-being within families for the upcoming year.

Launching on January 9th, Healthy Worcester Families marks a novel program geared towards fostering healthier lifestyles among households. The program spans nine weeks, aimed at equipping families with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate beneficial habits within their homes. Through a series of activities and shared meals, the initiative intends to instill these essential skills.

David Baker, a Parent Educator at the Worcester Health Department, highlighted the program’s significance in bringing together parents and children in an environment conducive to learning about healthy lifestyle practices.

“It goes beyond just imparting information; it’s about fostering communication and bonding within the family. Sometimes, we overlook these aspects, but through intentional efforts, we can strengthen these connections,” Baker emphasized.

Scheduled to convene every Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm, the gatherings will take place at Worcester Youth and Family. This structured approach seeks to provide families with practical strategies and resources to promote and sustain healthier living habits.