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Sean Feagan, news editor. Sean Feagan is a first-year journalism student, who has returned to school after five years working in environmental consulting as a wildlife biologist.

Photo staff

Shiva Celine, photo editor: Shiva is a passionate student who’s looking forward to learning more from her peers at the Weal. She is an intelligent, caring, and tough individual. She loves music, playing guitar, and comedian Nathan Fielder.

Rorie Stannard. I had thoughts of pursuing journalism when I was still a high school student back in 2010, but only now have come to pursue my dreams at age 25. They say it’s better late than never, and I have to agree! I love Nintendo, cosplay, Ben Shapiro, and recently have found out I don’t suck at baking. Oh, and I love photography. 

Patrick Concepcion. Patrick is shy at first but is very energetic and opinionated once you get to know him better, he is also a skateboarder and a musician.

Jp Pitogo. Hi! My name is Jp Pitogo. I am an avid photographer, spending most of my weekends taking photos in downtown. I chose Journalism because it will aid me in turning my hobby of street photography into a powerful story-telling ability.


Arts and Entertainment

Andrew Bardsley, arts and entertainment editor: Andrew Bardsley is a reformed historian who is now studying to become a journalist. His passion for music shows in his writing. Before studying at SAIT he did a history degree from Mount Royal University.

Maryam Maryam is 20, absurd, and loves her dog named Penny. She likes to write, doodle and take pictures. One reason Maryam chose Journalism is because she likes to hear different opinions from different people and the stories they have to tell.



Alex Hamilton, sports editor: Alex Hamilton started studying journalism at SAIT after graduating from the University of Calgary with a History degree. In studying history, he discovered he enjoyed researching, writing and telling important stories, which drew him to journalism.

Brett I’m a hard worker, who’s always dedicated to the story. My interests include rugby, football, boxing, art, and writing. I chose journalism because I wanted to be a story teller who only tells the truth, and with the rising number of fake news article, it’s rare to find a true, honest reporter.



Emilie Charente, opinions editor: Emilie Charette is a perpetually tired, caffeine-fuelled lover of vintage fashion. She enjoys reading, gaming, lifting heavy weights in powerlifting and strongman, and old lady hobbies such as knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, and sewing.She chose journalism because she loves writing and has a passion for telling stories.



Tiffany Oud, lifestyle editor: I am passionate about people and telling their stories. Journalism is a wonderful outlet to do just that. I was born in the mountains of British Columbia, but grew up in central Alberta. I love exploring unfamiliar places, and one-day hope to travel into space.

Carmen My name is Carmen, and I am lifestyle writer at The Weal. I am a journalism student, and am currently working towards a combined degree in communications at the University of Calgary. I chose Journalism because I love writing and story-telling of all kinds. I especially love visual storytelling through art, film, and photography.


Writers for various sections

John I’ve heard every Sherlock joke under the sun but feel free to surprise me. I like to blow stuff up, set people on fire, grow moss and take neat photos. I chose journalism because it seemed like something I might have a knack for, and become an opportunity to do things and go places I’d normally never be able to.