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Mark Wiseman, News Editor: Mark’s a nerd for politics, a fool for hockey, and a sucker for ice cream. He left a comfortable business career and pulled an “Eat, Pray, Love,” by travelling the world. Mark chose journalism because the world is too damn beautiful, and its stories need to be told.


Amanda McColl, Opinions Editor: Amanda has opinions, and she’s excited to take on the role of Opinions Editor at the Weal. She’s been writing for years and looks forward to finding many more stories just waiting to be told. When she’s not working, or in class, she can usually be found at any local comic book shop, digging through back issues.

Graphic Designer

Brandon Wong, Graphic Designer: Brandon is a “well-travelled nerd.” He was born and raised in Calgary, but spent time in Doha, Qatar, during high school. He chose the journalism program at SAIT to hone his skills. Brandon enjoys video games and watching movies.

Photo Editor

Jesse Boily, Photo Editor. After eight years of working in oil and gas, Jesse travelled the world and found a love for photography and writing. As an adventurer extraordinaire, he wrote and took cool photos every day. Upon his return to the Great White North, he realized he needed a change and decided to pursue journalism.

Staff Photographer

Lexa Chambers, Staff Photographer. Lexa is passionate about photography. She loves tea, cats, and Studio Ghibli movies. She loves to go on spontaneous adventures, take neat photos, and listen to music. She wants to share stories and give a voice to people, while also having opportunities to travel. 

Staff Photographer

Kira McDonald, Staff Photographer. Kira is a self-taught photographer, born and raised in Calgary. Kira is a journalism student at SAIT and is enjoying every day in the program. When she isn’t being a student, she is off hiking out in the mountains with her family and dogs, taking pictures to further her learning. 

Graphic Designer

Kendra Marshall, Graphic Designer. Kendra’s always loved writing and telling stories, and pursued journalism for her interest in relating words and images to tell a story. In her spare time, you can find her befriending neighbourhood cats, searching for owls, indulging in a good comedy, or listening to music.

Lifestyle Editor

Jesse Heinrichs, Lifestyle Editor. Jesse takes his coffee black and lukewarm. He keeps it simple, and Folger’s does him just fine. Jesse is committed to making the Weal more invigorating than his morning bean brew. In his time away from the office, he likes to saunter around various parks, keeping a sharp eye out for his favourite birds (yikes).

Sports Editor

Nokwethemba Moyo, A&E Editor. Nicky is the owner of a cat named Pumpkin Pie The Cat. She chose journalism to make a difference, enhance peoples’ lives. and tell compelling stories. She wants to bring more variety to the Weal and bring sports communities together. 

Layout Editor

Spring Nguyen, Layout Editor. Spring is in her second year of SAIT’s New Media Production and Design program. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and worked in the field in her home country, Vietnam. She wants to widen her perspective and solve problems more efficiently. 

Web Editor

Terry Fru, Web Editor. Terry holds a journalism diploma from Cameroon. She loves hanging out with people, doing fun stuff, and making sure the Weal has an active social media presence. She chose to study journalism because she loves music and fashion.

Staff Photographer

Rorie Stannard, Staff Photographer. Rorie thought of pursuing journalism when she was a high school student in 2010, but has now pursued her dreams at 25. They say it’s better late than never, and she has to agree. She loves Nintendo, cosplay, photography, and James Woods.