SAITSA Executive Council

SAITSA Executive Council Election Panel Night in summary

The night of March. 12, the Odyssey Coffeehouse held SAITSA’s 2019 Executive Council (EC) Elections Panel Night. All seven EC candidates answered questions and spoke to students on why they should be elected. The candidates pitched what they would bring if elected, and explained how their ideas would help the student …

Métis Endowment Fund

Métis endowment fund secured for $950,000 

Gift paves way for increasing Métis enrollment and support at SAIT SAIT has announced the establishment of a new Métis Endowment Fund, made possible by major donations from the Métis Education Foundation and TransCanada. Through a partnership between SAIT, the Metis Education Foundation (through the Rupertsland Institute), and TransCanada, a …


SAIT OTSG lab opens to demonstrate in-situ hydrocarbon extraction technology

Once Through Steam Generation (OTSG) Lab helps students and faculty develop expertise SAIT students and faculty now have access to a cutting-edge technology used in oil sands in-situ extraction operations on campus. The Once Through Steam Generation (OTSG) lab opened in Nov. 2018 to provide students and faculty an opportunity …

Naked Girls Reading YYC

Naked Girls Reading YYC: From titillation to inspiration

Local show journeys from sensationalized nudity to empowerment and inclusivity Calgary may not be the first city that comes to mind when you hear the words “nude literary salon,” but the local chapter of international show sensation Naked Girls Reading has quickly gone from titillation to inspiration for the women …

Mug Cake

A mug cake to kill the cold: A soul-warming recipe for the perfect chocolate cake

With everyone being plagued with frostbite and frozen toes, it’s hard to imagine doing anything other than bundling up on a couch. This recent cold snap is brutal, making it the perfect time to indulge in a delicious chocolate mug cake. This recipe is quick, easy, and guaranteed to warm …

minimalism, seasonal depression, new years eve

Less is more for students who are willing to minimize

Living a more meaningful life with less could be the answer to the stress and anxiety that many students are feeling this time of year. According to Keely Dunn, community leader of the local Calgary Meet-up Minimalist page on Facebook, minimalism isn’t about having nothing, but it is about having …

super smash cafe

Super Smash Cafe: Time to smash!

New cafe brings back memories The familial sounds of a childhood Saturday afternoon are about to grace SAIT campus, with the opening of Super Smash Café across the street on 16th Ave. Sporting a similar vibe to cafés such as Hexagon in Kensington, Super Smash Café is set to have …

SAIT security

G4S replaces Paladin Security as SAIT’s security provider

Starting in November 2018, SAIT students and staff may have noticed a change around campus that had been in the works for approximately three to four years: a new security team. SAIT decided to hire G4S as its new campus security provider, replacing Paladin Security. It was time for a …

Jim Szautner

Jim Szautner Q&A: Ready for the robot uprising

Jim Szautner has overseen SAIT’s School of Manufacturing and Automation as Dean for 10 years. We sat down to talk about providing cutting-edge education in an ever-changing field, industry trends, and new technologies enriching the learning experience at SAIT. What is your role as Dean? JS: I’m responsible for the …


Whitehorse’s The Northern South Vol. 2: Whitehorse sings the post-holiday blues

January has barely passed, but it’s already been a busy year for Canada’s favourite Americana-obsessed band Whitehorse. In mid-January they released an EP titled The Northern South Vol. 2, and in late January their Christmas album, A Whitehorse Christmas Classic, was nominated for a Juno Award. While A Whitehorse Christmas …

minimalism, seasonal depression, new years eve

Resolve This: An update on students’ New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made right before New Year’s Eve, but are often dropped only a month into the new year. According to Business Insider’s website, 80 per cent of New Year’s resolutions will be dropped by the second week of February. “The thought of resolutions is very stressful to …

SAIT Destinations

SAIT Destinations will travel hack for you

Escaping the brutal cold of Canadian winters can be difficult for those short on funds. But with a few travel shortcuts, students can find themselves sunbathing in a tropical destination or hitting up ancient ruins in Europe with money to spare. Hailey St. Germaine, a second-year travel and tourism student …

juice cleanse

Dastardly detoxes, catastrophic cleanses: be wary of fast health fixes

We’ve all seen the articles that crop up in the new year, touting the latest celebrity-endorsed cleanse or detox.  Regardless of the type of cleanse, they purport to quickly “rid the body of toxins” and “reset metabolism,” which seem like a attractive options in a world increasingly obsessed with health …

Valentines day

Valentine’s Day date ideas on a budget

As Valentine’s Day approaches, broke college students everywhere are trying creative ways to have the perfect budget-friendly date night. Every Feb. 14, the world exchanges candy, flowers, and gifts with their loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.  “If you love someone, you don’t celebrate only once a …

Allison Lockhart

Does Wonder Woman lift heavy?

Of course she does, and you should too. It’s easy to let worries hold us back from trying something new. Unfortunately, one thing a lot of women seem hesitant to try is lifting heavy weights. Allison Lockhart, three-time winner of Canada’s Strongest Woman, weighed in on the issue. Lockhart thinks …

SAIT's Student Development and Counselling Department

The career… path or destination?

Making a career change is made easier with the help of free monthly workshops by SAIT Student Development and Counselling Department A year before graduating high school, the counsellors in my school asked each of us to consider what we wanted to do for a living. My answer? I wanted …


SAIT Pride Week celebrates LGBTQ+ students

SAIT’s Gender Sexuality Inclusion Committee rolled out rainbows this week This year’s SAIT Pride Week was one of the biggest ones yet, according to organizers. “Because we have a bit of a budget to work with, it’s allowed us to do a lot of the things we always wanted to …

Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit C-Train Somerset-bound collides with SUV

Somerset-Bridlewood-bound Calgary Transit C-Train service was briefly delayed due to a collision at the SAIT LRT station’s crossing around 10 a.m., Feb. 8, 2019. As of 11:40 a.m. today, the car has been towed, and transit service has resumed according to a tweet by Calgary Transit. According to 660 News, …

Winter Cycling Calgary, winter cycling,

Cycling: not just a summer activity

How to stay warm and safe while biking this winter Just because there’s ice and snow on the ground, doesn’t mean cycling has to stop. Many people choose to bike year-round, but this icy activity comes with precautions from Garry Millard, president of Bike Calgary. Millard advises preparing for any …

Chai, Calgary, Chai boardgame

Steeping in fun

Calgary couple launch tea-based board game after chai-ing time with Kickstarter After roughly nine months running a popular crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign in Canada, Dan and Connie Kazmaier are preparing to launch “Chai,” their new hit board game.  “Games are always something you can do as a family, and that’s kind …