Alberta passes Bill 19, establishing new rules for post-secondary tuition and mandatory instructional fees

The provincial government of Alberta will soon pass a new bill enacting key changes to post-secondary education policy throughout Alberta, including new rules regarding tuition prices.  Bill 19, “An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education”, passed its third reading in legislature on Nov. 20, meaning that …

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SAITSA’s new strategic plan aligns with student needs

SAITSA is now operating under the direction of a new strategic plan, which will guide the organization over the next five years. The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan outlines the vision, mission, and mandate of SAITSA, and replaces the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. It’s development was provoked by a perceived disconnect between the …


Calgary 2026: Let’s do what Calgary city council didn’t have the guts to

Calgarians should vote “No” to the 2026 Olympics on Nov. 13 Calgary city council may have kept the 2026 Olympic bid on life support, but Calgarians should still pull the plug on Nov. 13. The rollercoaster journey of the bid the last week of October was a reminder of how …