Bob Probert documentary screened at Plaza Theatre

The life of legendary NHL enforcer Bob Probert has been put on the big screen by a local filmmaker. Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story follows the “heavyweight champion of the NHL” from the 1980s and 1990s. The film follows Probert through his early days in hockey, his 16-year career …


‘Twas the fight before Christmas: Krampus would win against Santa

Recently, a mythological winter being has arisen to challenge the popularity of the ever-jolly Saint Nick: Krampus. Originating from pre-Christian Central European folklore, and instantly recognizable by his goat horns, monstrous face, and disturbingly long tongue, Krampus is something of a dark counterpart to Santa Claus. However, while Santa punishes …


‘Tis the season to unwind: Make time to take care of yourself

It is the end of the year, and SAIT students are swamped with final exams and assignments. It’s no wonder that we all forget to care for ourselves fundamentally and take a moment every now and then to just relax. “Keeping your mind off of what’s going on is a …

New Year's resolutions 2019

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions

I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to exercise every day. I’m going to go on a diet and stick to it – is that cake? Sound familiar? It seems every year, around the New Year, we set goals with every intention of keeping them, but many of us can’t …

SAIT Trojans

Searching for a second-half surge: Trojans men’s hockey team keeping pace with top teams

SAIT Trojans men’s hockey head coach Brent Devost believes his team is one of the best in the conference, and one that will only get better when they return in January. At the fall semester break, the Trojans were 9-5-0, comfortably in fifth place in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference …

Calgary Winter Activities

Come out of hibernation, Calgarians Light up your life at an outdoor light display

Calgarians don’t have to stay in hibernation mode for the next four months. In fact, getting some much needed exercise and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa could be exactly what is needed to chase those winter blues away. No matter what the weather is like, Calgarians are going …

SAITSA student clubs

SAITSA student clubs Clubs on campus offer new experiences for students

SAITSA offers students at SAIT the option to join an existing student club, or start a new one themselves, to add to their student experience. Currently, SAITSA has 62 registered clubs for students to choose from, including Anime and Gaming Club, Baking and Pastry Arts Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, …


Transit to the MAX: Calgary’s new bus rapid transit system raises the standard for transit

Traversing the great city streets of Calgary changed overnight with the introduction of the new MAX rapid bus lines on Nov. 19. The new lines consist of the MAX Orange, MAX Teal, and MAX Purple, all of which, according to Calgary Transit, will enhance access and facilitate movement across the …


Randy O’Dell Centre donation received to benefit electrical apprenticeship programs

Estate of the late electrician, and entrepreneur Randy O’Dell  provides largest single legacy donation ever received by SAIT. A substantial gift was given to SAIT on Nov. 13 to make a new space for certain electrical programs. The gift is from the estate of Randy O’Dell, founder of O’Dell Electric, who died …


Alberta passes Bill 19, establishing new rules for post-secondary tuition and mandatory instructional fees

The provincial government of Alberta will soon pass a new bill enacting key changes to post-secondary education policy throughout Alberta, including new rules regarding tuition prices.  Bill 19, “An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education”, passed its third reading in legislature on Nov. 20, meaning that …

GIS sait

Drones, lasers, and the future of mapping: Verda Kocabas, geomatics guru, and SAIT Geographic Information Systems program academic chair Q&A

Verda Kocabas, the Academic Chair for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program at SAIT, is a geomatics guru, with a PhD in Geography from Simon Fraser University, and a career which includes consulting in the private sector. We spoke on how GIS has a boring name, but is actually mind-blowing, …


SAIT students need a fall reading week: Why a break is critical at this point in the semester

Post-secondary students who are anxiously facing final exams and rapidly approaching due dates are undoubtedly in favour of a fall reading week. Imagine yourself in a situation where not only are you supposed to study for your finals, but you’re required to finish all of the piled-up work that has …

Pfeffernusse cookies

How sweet it is: the value of homemade goods

A Pfeffernusse cookie recipe for a merry Christmas Christmas may not be my favourite holiday, but there is one element of it that even I can admit leaves other holidays in the dust: the food, especially the baked goods. However, while stores may be overflowing with sweet treats of every …


Rediscovering the reason for the season

For many students, the holidays are a time of excess. Excessive spending, eating, and drinking can really lay waste to one’s health and finances. Stray from the seasonal consumerism Students don’t have to feed into Christmas-time consumerism. Remembering the reason for the season could be the first step to making …

Christmas holiday pressures

Coping with holiday cheer: How to manage Christmas holiday pressures

Jingle Bells is often accompanied by the unwelcomed reminder of the crippling stress of spending money, family expectations, social events, and painful memories — but there are strategies to help cope with the pressure of the holidays. A major cause for holiday-induced stress is the pressure of high expectations put …


Hoops hype: Trojans men’s basketball team first in the country with 10-0 start

The SAIT Trojans men’s basketball team, winning their first 10 games, finished the fall semester ranked first in the country.  The team climbed to first in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC), and their undefeated run also ranked them first in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). Everything is working …


Trojans cricket team shows promise, gaining momentum in first competitive tournament

The Trojans seek greatness in the world of cricket as they enter their first year of competition. Cricket, a sport that originated from south-east England in the 16th century, is a game with 11 players on each team. Similar to baseball, one side has a batsman, and one side has …


Whitehorse: a new twist on the classics. Whitehorse releases an instant classic with their new Christmas album

Now that the snow has begun falling and the temperature has begun plunging, it is time to dust off those Christmas albums, update your Spotify or Apple music, and listen to your favourite guilty pleasure Christmas song – except this year, you may have to add another album to your …


Using film to create action Thirteenth annual Marda Loop Justice Film Festival kicks off important conversation

On November 13 at the new Central Library, the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival celebrated the opening night of its 13th year with a screening of the documentary “Bird of Prey” followed by a discussion with local naturalist Brian Keating. “When you look at a film like this, it shows …


No time for writer’s block, National Novel Writing Month pushes writers to creative extremes

It’s the month of November, and for a number of writers around the world, it’s time to write an entire book. National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo, is a month where authors and writers around the globe attempt to write a manuscript of 50,000 words over the span …