PUP ‘Morbid Stuff’ Album Review

Something is afoot with the already excellent Canadian punk band PUP. Fresh off playing a European tour, the Canadian punk band is riding a wave of buzz that has seen them performing all over the world, and returning to Cow Town in the fall to headline the much bigger venue …


Whitehorse’s The Northern South Vol. 2: Whitehorse sings the post-holiday blues

January has barely passed, but it’s already been a busy year for Canada’s favourite Americana-obsessed band Whitehorse. In mid-January they released an EP titled The Northern South Vol. 2, and in late January their Christmas album, A Whitehorse Christmas Classic, was nominated for a Juno Award. While A Whitehorse Christmas …


Aasiva captivates listeners in debut album, but fall short of greatness

Aasiva’s debut album straddles the genres of singer-songwriter, and pop. The album is meant to showcase Indigenous culture and more importantly northern Indigenous culture. The songs flow fairly well from one to the other, but run up against a creative roadblock midway through the album, where Nakashuk seems to have …