Valentines day

Valentine’s Day date ideas on a budget

As Valentine’s Day approaches, broke college students everywhere are trying creative ways to have the perfect budget-friendly date night. Every Feb. 14, the world exchanges candy, flowers, and gifts with their loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.  “If you love someone, you don’t celebrate only once a …

SAIT's Student Development and Counselling Department

The career… path or destination?

Making a career change is made easier with the help of free monthly workshops by SAIT Student Development and Counselling Department A year before graduating high school, the counsellors in my school asked each of us to consider what we wanted to do for a living. My answer? I wanted …

Winter Cycling Calgary, winter cycling,

Cycling: not just a summer activity

How to stay warm and safe while biking this winter Just because there’s ice and snow on the ground, doesn’t mean cycling has to stop. Many people choose to bike year-round, but this icy activity comes with precautions from Garry Millard, president of Bike Calgary. Millard advises preparing for any …

Dry January

Dry January: worth the effort?

Dry January, the practice of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, is underway and some are finding it harder than expected to avoid a cold bevvy.  After the holiday season, 23-year-old Kristen Turner said she wanted to cut out drinking in order to save money and take care …

Mid semester motivation

Mid semester motivation for that mid-semester slump

It’s that time of the semester when student apathy is at an all-time high, but goal-setting, a change of scenery, and a little positive reinforcement could be just what it takes to spark some inspiration.  According to Gerry Rollick, learning coach at SAIT, students who are goal-focused are able to …

minimalism, seasonal depression, new years eve

Seasonal depression has no single solution

There is no easy way to cure seasonal depression for students who are feeling blue this November, but exercise, nutrition, and social well-being may ease symptoms for those who are suffering. “There isn’t anything that is currently 100 per cent effective for everyone,” said Jaime Jenkins, mental health practitioner specializing …


Is that cup of coffee doing more than keeping you up? The benefits and drawbacks of caffeine consumption

For most students, getting their morning coffee is a necessity. However, caffeine has both positive and negative effects on the body and mind that students should know about. “Caffeine has been shown to affect mood, stamina, the cerebral vascular system, and gastric and colonic activity,” wrote Betty Kovacs on the …

health redesigned, morning routine, yyc

Start the day off right with a personalized morning routine

Setting oneself up for success starts with a consistent morning routine. However, that could look different for everyone.  Shawna Curry, founder of Health Redesigned, a total-health solutions company, suggests students schedule their day around the type of person they are.  For morning people, it might be best for them to …


You are the problem… and the solution: The battle against Earth’s pollution crisis starts at home

Caring for the environment and living a waste-free lifestyle is a hot topic in today’s society, but while “saving the planet” is easier said than done, taking the plunge is all about small steps.  “Every action that [you] do counts, even if [you] think it’s a really small, insignificant change, …

Grad 2019

Class of 2019, prepare for the hunt

Grad 2019 is just around the corner, and a new group of soon-to-be grads are anxiously waiting to land a job in the “real world.” To ease some of that pre-graduation anxiety, students can hit up SAIT’s Student Employment and Career Centre for help boosting their resumes and expanding their …


Kensington consignment a thriving fashion community

By ditching fast fashion, students can stay on trend and within their budget by shopping at local consignment shops. And Kensington, just a stone’s throw from SAIT’s main campus, is brimming with unique and specially curated consignment shops. “You’re gonna find way cooler things at a consignment shop, because they’ve …

Calgary Winter Activities

Come out of hibernation, Calgarians Light up your life at an outdoor light display

Calgarians don’t have to stay in hibernation mode for the next four months. In fact, getting some much needed exercise and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa could be exactly what is needed to chase those winter blues away. No matter what the weather is like, Calgarians are going …


Rediscovering the reason for the season

For many students, the holidays are a time of excess. Excessive spending, eating, and drinking can really lay waste to one’s health and finances. Stray from the seasonal consumerism Students don’t have to feed into Christmas-time consumerism. Remembering the reason for the season could be the first step to making …

Christmas holiday pressures

Coping with holiday cheer: How to manage Christmas holiday pressures

Jingle Bells is often accompanied by the unwelcomed reminder of the crippling stress of spending money, family expectations, social events, and painful memories — but there are strategies to help cope with the pressure of the holidays. A major cause for holiday-induced stress is the pressure of high expectations put …


The holidays away from home can still be merry and bright

There is something surreal about hearing “White Christmas” playing in a mall when it’s plus 35 degrees Celsius outside. That disconnect for my first holiday season far away from home made me wish, more than anything, to be on a plane back to Canada. Sudden bursts of homesickness are not …


Prepare to hate winter less A bit of preparation may even help you enjoy the frozen tundra

‘Winter is coming’ and a stark change in the weather will soon be upon us. For many of us, the coming of winter calls for hibernating by the fire, wrapped in blankets and sipping hot cocoa, or precisely the opposite: heading out to shred some powder on the hills.  Whatever …


Attention SAIT! Pay it forward this holiday season, artisan craft market coming to SAIT’s MacDonald Hall today

Students can pay it forward this holiday season by opting to support local artisans instead of big department stores and retail chains.   “When you meet artisans, you’ll quickly notice how passionate they are about their work. “You’re kind of buying a part of their dream when you support them,” …


Counter the strain of the digital age with Hygge

Scandinavians agree that Canadians could benefit from the concept of hygge time, which might help make the winter a little less frosty, and a lot more cozy.   Winters in Scandinavian countries are long and cold, and days are short with very little light. According to Eva Mamchur at the …


Apple season calls for apple crisp: A classic recipe for the perfect use of ripe apples

Baking a delicious apple and cinnamon classic is the best way to celebrate a crisp fall day. Stock up on the ingredients, as you’ll want to make this quick and easy apple crisp again and again. This recipe from Chatelaine makes the kitchen smell divine. Classic apple crisp From Chatelaine’s …


Pulling all-nighters may be dumbing students down

Pulling an all-nighter could be more harmful than students think, and their GPA could be taking a big hit for it. “Staying up all night is a maladaptive strategy for academic success. “You’re better off actually getting a good night sleep,” said Katherine Rasmussen, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine …