What would you like to see in the new proposed student centre?

SAITSA announced on Jan. 23 that a new student centre was being planned for SAIT’s main campus. SAIT students have a lot of ideas of how that new space should be used. April Pasion, a first-year travel and tourism student said we need more study space on campus. “The library …

juice cleanse

Dastardly detoxes, catastrophic cleanses: be wary of fast health fixes

We’ve all seen the articles that crop up in the new year, touting the latest celebrity-endorsed cleanse or detox.  Regardless of the type of cleanse, they purport to quickly “rid the body of toxins” and “reset metabolism,” which seem like a attractive options in a world increasingly obsessed with health …

Allison Lockhart

Does Wonder Woman lift heavy?

Of course she does, and you should too. It’s easy to let worries hold us back from trying something new. Unfortunately, one thing a lot of women seem hesitant to try is lifting heavy weights. Allison Lockhart, three-time winner of Canada’s Strongest Woman, weighed in on the issue. Lockhart thinks …

Ben Tsui

The relevancy of reboots in film

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I rolled my eyes while reading on Twitter that another one of my favorite childhood movies is being rebooted. Why is this happening? Why are so many of my favorite movies being rebooted? I think it all comes down to one simple …

wedding costs

I don’t: Say no to high wedding costs

As we emerge from the aftermath of the holiday season, it seems that our Facebook feeds show a continuous stream of engagement posts and photos. While this is great – I’m nothing if not a romantic – engagements almost inevitably lead to weddings, one of the biggest shams going right …

video games

Game smarter, not harder Set limits on the time and money you devote to video games

It’s no secret that many adults enjoy playing video games. Whether a person games on a console, computer, or phone, video games can provide a welcome distraction from the real world. Furthermore, they have value beyond simply being fun: they can relax, and build teamwork and problem-solving skills. They can …


‘Twas the fight before Christmas: Krampus would win against Santa

Recently, a mythological winter being has arisen to challenge the popularity of the ever-jolly Saint Nick: Krampus. Originating from pre-Christian Central European folklore, and instantly recognizable by his goat horns, monstrous face, and disturbingly long tongue, Krampus is something of a dark counterpart to Santa Claus. However, while Santa punishes …


‘Tis the season to unwind: Make time to take care of yourself

It is the end of the year, and SAIT students are swamped with final exams and assignments. It’s no wonder that we all forget to care for ourselves fundamentally and take a moment every now and then to just relax. “Keeping your mind off of what’s going on is a …

New Year's resolutions 2019

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions

I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to exercise every day. I’m going to go on a diet and stick to it – is that cake? Sound familiar? It seems every year, around the New Year, we set goals with every intention of keeping them, but many of us can’t …


SAIT students need a fall reading week: Why a break is critical at this point in the semester

Post-secondary students who are anxiously facing final exams and rapidly approaching due dates are undoubtedly in favour of a fall reading week. Imagine yourself in a situation where not only are you supposed to study for your finals, but you’re required to finish all of the piled-up work that has …

Pfeffernusse cookies

How sweet it is: the value of homemade goods

A Pfeffernusse cookie recipe for a merry Christmas Christmas may not be my favourite holiday, but there is one element of it that even I can admit leaves other holidays in the dust: the food, especially the baked goods. However, while stores may be overflowing with sweet treats of every …


Post post-secondary: finding success after school

One thing always at the forefront of students’ minds is what they will do after they complete their schooling. Will they be able to find a job? Will they be successful? Has school prepared them for the realities of the workplace?  Fortunately, it seems that SAIT grads can breathe easier …


Lime Bikes: it beats walking American transportation company’s first Canadian venture in Calgary

Specks of green have been popping up around Calgary’s core in recent weeks, there one minute, and gone the next.  American transportation company Lime has made its way into many U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, but Calgary is the company’s first excursion into Canada. The green …


Nothing trashy about it, individuals can make a change for a better world

In a world with increasingly dire environmental outlooks, it can be hard for individuals to feel as though they can do anything to make a change.  However, there are ways for individuals to have a positive impact on the environment, just by making little changes and inspiring others to do …


Not just decorative: the meaning behind Movember

As we enter November, many men are excitedly starting No-Shave November, or Movember, a time when they can let their facial hair grow freely.  But how many people actually know what this hairy month is about? Unfortunately, it seems that the reason behind Movember aren’t very well-known.  “I don’t know …


Calgary 2026: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, the benefits of hosting the Olympic Games outweigh potential risks

On Nov. 13, Calgarians will vote in a plebiscite to determine whether the city should host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Although this has been the subject of much debate, the course should be clear: A vote of “yes” in the plebiscite is a vote for the city’s …


Don’t let it snow: take action by boycotting winter

In light of the recent “snowpocalypse,” I must take to my keyboard and call fellow Calgarians to arms in a protest against the bane of everyone’s existence: winter.  Some will argue winter is a delightful season, creating a “winter wonderland” of snow, with everything gilded in sparkling frost. Some might …


SAIT gym should be more user-friendly

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for us all to face the truth: the gym at SAIT’s Campus Centre could use some improvements.  It is far from an ideal place to exercise. For people new to working out, the machines can be intimidating, and the mirrors everywhere can be distracting.  In …


Libraries are not obsolete: New Central Library represents growth and connection

An oval shaped building blurs by the CTrain window. As you travel underneath the building through a tunnel, you are left wondering what that building could possibly be.  Wonder no more, that innovative building is the new Central Public Library. You might be thinking ‘why would we possibly need another …


Bar hopping Comfort is key when it comes to pubs

To quote a TV show, Cheers, that is much, much older than me, “sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”  The great thing about shows set in bars is that they seem like the perfect places to just hang out. The staff know the characters’ names, the …