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Cycling: not just a summer activity

How to stay warm and safe while biking this winter Just because there’s ice and snow on the ground, doesn’t mean cycling has to stop. Many people choose to bike year-round, but this icy activity comes with precautions from Garry Millard, president of Bike Calgary. Millard advises preparing for any …


You are the problem… and the solution: The battle against Earth’s pollution crisis starts at home

Caring for the environment and living a waste-free lifestyle is a hot topic in today’s society, but while “saving the planet” is easier said than done, taking the plunge is all about small steps.  “Every action that [you] do counts, even if [you] think it’s a really small, insignificant change, …

Christmas holiday pressures

Coping with holiday cheer: How to manage Christmas holiday pressures

Jingle Bells is often accompanied by the unwelcomed reminder of the crippling stress of spending money, family expectations, social events, and painful memories — but there are strategies to help cope with the pressure of the holidays. A major cause for holiday-induced stress is the pressure of high expectations put …


Warm up with Butternut Squash soup

The desire for warm comfort food increases with the dropping temperature, and steaming soup is a classic home comfort dish.  The Food Network’s butternut squash soup recipe is the perfect way to stay warm while making your kitchen smell amazing. Butternut Squash Soup Recipe from Food Network Prep – 20 …

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Living on your own 101: It’s okay to be overwhelmed while learning to manage life’s tasks

The prospect of moving out for the first time can be stressful for young adults, yet is a normal and healthy part of life. “Feeling overwhelmed and feeling stressed is really, really normal,” explained Shelann McQuay, an educational counsellor at SAIT Student Development and Counselling. There are many challenges that …


Enjoy the last bit of summer on a student budget

Visitors and locals to Calgary can find numerous events and activities to keep themselves busy both in and outside the city before fall takes full effect The summer sun is fading fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to catch some of Calgary’s great events, and activities before fall …


Jumpstart the school year with advice from SAIT students

Continuing students share their personal insight on how to be successful at SAIT.  Excitement and anticipation fill SAIT’s halls as the school year begins, and continuing students share advice with new students to help them towards success.  DON’T AVOID ASKING FOR HELP  The best thing for new students to do is …