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Love me Tinder: could you find true love?

To Tinder or not to Tinder: this is the question on single students’ minds.

For some, finding love is a hard thing to do while trying to balance schoolwork and a part-time job. Singles tend to consider downloading the little flame to help with their quest.

Is the camp fire tale of finding love on Tinder true? Is love just a swipe away?

Here are some tales submitted by Tinder users to help you make up your mind.


I’d move Tinder mountains for you.

“We met up for what was meant to be a two-week Tinder fling, but soon knew it was something entirely different. Cut to us traveling to continuously see each other through mountains, deserts, and tropical beaches, until we finally managed to cross the ocean and be together. Three years later, we’ve moved across the ocean again, settled down, and we’re getting married! And it all started with a swipe right and some drinks that followed soon after.”

Tinder Angels

“One of our first dates we ever went on was after a blizzard had just hit. I remember making snow angels with my now girlfriend in fresh, untouched snow. It’s a cute memory.”


Catfished and Ditched

“I got catfished by a guy who didn’t even bother to show up. He gave me an address to meet him at and when I asked where he was, he said I was a disgrace to my race.”


I’m back on Tinder

 “I met my ex-girlfriend on Tinder and we dated for a year. It honestly wasn’t bad. Our first date, we went to Zoolights because she said she didn’t know what they were, but I’m back on Tinder again – let everyone know.”

Bed Barf & Beyond

“I went to a guy’s house to meet him for the first time, and I was so nervous that I pretty much chugged down the entire bottle of wine we were meant to be sharing. I ended up puking into a bag in his bed. I was so embarrassed. I never saw him again.” 

Are you my Ex?

 “My boyfriend thought I was his crazy ex-girlfriend trolling him. Mainly because we looked alike and had a one letter name difference.”


Sharing is caring.

 “There was the time when me and my best friend matched with the same guy on Tinder, he proceeded to date us both for about two weeks. Until I showed a picture of him to my best friend and everything came to light.”



(Names have been changed or removed to keep the identity of those who submitted to The Weal a secret.)

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