Saitsa Safewalk

SAITSA’s Safewalk volunteers Stephen Nagy, left, Mateo Bacale, Yuber Marin, and Benjamin Ofodum pose for a portrait at Irene Lewis Atrium at the Stan Grad Centre in Calgary on Friday, Oct. 25, 2019. The Safewalk is operated by volunteers. (Photos by Jesse Boily)


As the daylight hours lessen as winter takes its nasty toll, students need not worry when travelling on campus or nearby to their homes. Campus Safewalk is here to help.

The Saitsa Campus Safewalk is run by volunteers who help fellow students get home safely in the dark. The safe walkers will go anywhere on campus and go anywhere within a ten-block radius to escort students, staff and visitors safely home or to transit.

They operate Monday to Friday from 6 P.M. to 11 P.M. the volunteers all get first aid training and are in radio contact with campus security.

They perform patrols around campus with different routes planned and check-in with there safe walk team back at their headquarters in the Stan Grad Building.

The Safewalk volunteers will help anybody in need and report anything they see to campus security.

SAITSA’s Safewalk volunteers work on school work and make jokes as they wait for calls. 


Mateo Bacale writes up volunteer sheets for the Safewalk volunteers. Bacale is the supervisor for the safewalk and has been involved at the safewalk for two years. 


Yuber Marin, right, and Stephen Nagy prepare for their first patrol of the night. Marin said that he enjoys volunteering for the Safewalk as it gave him a spot to practice his English. Nagy said that it is a great way to learn about the campus and surrounding area. 


The tools used by the Safewalk volunteers include radios, as they keep in constant contact of each other and campus security. 


Nagy and Marin review their patrol route before embarking on their second patrol of the night. 


Nagy and Marin check-in with the Safewalk headquarters as they patrol the SAIT campus. 


Nagy listens to the radio and tracks Bacale and Ofodum’s patrol from the Safewalk Headquarters in the Stan Grad Centre. 



Safewalk volunteers head back to their HQ after a patrol around the SAIT campus. 


Photos and Story By Jesse Boily


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