Beakerhead 2019

Mirror Man 2.0 performs at Beakerhead in Calgary on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. Photo by Dre Kwong.

Beakerhead held its seventh annual, five-day festival on Sept.18-Sept.21. When you arrive into the spectacle, the first thing you notice is the gigantic octopus and polar bear installation, which are breath taking.

The moment you enter the park, greetings of a live street band welcome you in, you then make your way down to end of the bridge to wait in line to come to the spectacle.

“The line ups are wow, finding out 13,000 tickets were sold was wow, and so was the lineup,” said Shandra, an attendee of the festival.

Loud Music, Live Bands, D.J.s

The loud music leads you to the stage where a live band and D.J. play with MC, introducing the performers and interacting with the audience.

“The music and the stage are my favourite part of the spectacle because there’s a little bit of science, art and engineering,” said Lorretta.

Walking away from the stage, you reach another part of the park where food trucks are parked, and many other installations are set up.

The most eye-catching installations of the night were Notorious B.A.D, which was the fire breathing dragon, and the Trippity Twitcht, that also had fire coming out of the installation.


“The fire breathing ones take a lot of ingenuity and hard work to make it function,” said Maria, an attendee.

“Beakerhead is a registered charity and is to globally mandate education, we operate k-12 programs all year-round including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the money collected from tickets all go back into Beaker Head and gets distributed out to keep programs going,” said Kendra Desmarais, the Director of Marketing for Beakerhead.

“This is an experience you have never had before It’s interactive and not just an exhibition. We want people to communicate and get hands-on things you have never seen anywhere before,” said Desmarais.

The spectacle this year was all brought to one location instead of it being all spread out through the city, like previous years. It was brought together to one place so it can be all enjoyed at once.

Jay Ingram and Mary-Anne Moser, are the co-founders and ‘true visionaries’ of Beakerhead, which was founded in 2008, and launched in 2013, with numerous supporters and 39 sponsors.

“The spectacle is/was beaker night on steroids,” said Desmarais.

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