Tommy’s Two Cents

So…uh…bummer about the planet hey?

To be honest with you, this pretty blue marble is looking like a bit of a gong show lately.

I mean there’s plastic in the oceans, polar bears are drowning because of melting ice caps, coral reefs are dying every day because of rising acidity in the oceans, and worst of all, beer at the Saddledome is $10.50.

Things are going from bad to worse quickly and the way I see it, we’ve got two choices. We can either blame it all on the Boomers, or we can lace up our skates and take things into our own confused, millennial hands.

Being who I am, the resident broke person here at the Weal, I thought I might try to help clear your conscience by recommending a financially viable travel mug to help reduce the amount of disposable coffee cups we use.

Now, the fact the travel mug under review had zero indication of a brand name probably should have been a red flag for me, but being the cheap-ass I am, I couldn’t say no to the $2.50 price tag.

This Mug’s a Winner

At first glance, this mug looks like a dream come true. It sports a sleek stainless-steel body, with black plastic trim accenting the top and bottom. 

Extending from top bit of plastic is an ergonomic hand grip that screams functionality. Unfortunately, however, I was completely catfished by this purchase. This was like going on a tinder date with a guy who says he’s 6’1” in his bio, but in reality, you’re a head taller than him wearing flats.

You’re probably thinking “Tommy, relax, how bad can a mug really be?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

This mug, when tipped upside down, drained itself dry in under a minute. 51.07 seconds to be exact. Bed Bath & Beyond sells pasta strainers more waterproof than this mug.

Next up was the durability test. Hindsight would have had me do this test last, but hindsight and I are unacquainted. A three-foot lob onto concrete shattered this mug with less resistance than the walls of Jericho.

…Or Maybe Not

You won’t hear me say this often, but sometimes buying the cheapest option isn’t always the least expensive option. With this travel mug you can destroy your laptop, textbooks and all of your work in less time than it takes to make a morning coffee.

The point of getting a reusable mug is to take advantage of discounted coffee prices and to cut back on our single-use waste. This mug didn’t do either. Not only did I send one more item to the landfill, but I shorted myself $2.50 (my net worth).

Sometimes it’s cheaper in the long run to not be cheap. Do yourself and the planet a favour, and buy a reusable mug from Walmart, or anywhere that’s not a dollar store.

Contigo and Stanley make amazing mugs that will never leak in your backpack, and you can always buy one second-hand at Value Village.

Saving money on coffee is nice, but saving our planet is nicer. I think we should all be using reusable mugs whenever we can, but that’s just my two cents.

Functionality: 1/10

Aesthetic: 6/10

General Satisfaction: Nicholas Cage/10

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