Falling in love with Stampede

Telling anyone I recently moved to Calgary, the first question I am asked is “have you been to the Calgary Stampede?” and my answer obviously being no, their response is always “you are in for a treat.”

The Calgary Stampede is a 10-day annual festival every July and is characterized by rodeos, exhibitions, and extravagant stage shows.

The Stampede is a festival complete with eccentric midway food, and to me, has amusement park vibes as there were many rides and games to play.

Stampede Garb

Although you could dress however you want for Stampede, you can see people dressed in jeans, plaid shirts, cowboy boots and hats, and bandanas, which emits it is the dress code of the festival.

The festival began the first weekend of July and ended on July 14. One thing I loved were all the Stampede breakfasts every morning all across the city.

Sadly, I just went for one.

I went to the Stampede on two different occasions and honestly, I don’t think I experienced the whole festival because two days is not enough.

My first time going I put on jeans, sneakers, plaid shirt and bandana to blend in with the Stampede crowd.

I bought tickets for the rides and found it difficult to pick a ride as I went with my friends and we were all confused about what rides we would go on.

Finally, we picked the Fireball. This ride sees you strapped in a seat and then it spins moving back and forth, and even upside-down.

Another fun thing I experienced at Stampede was the acrobatic dunk and freestyle soccer organized by the Bank of Montreal.

Freestyle Basketball

After watching these events, I was tired and hungry, I had a lot of corn dogs and lemonade and went home wondering what day I would go to the Stampede again.

The second and last time I went to the Stampede was for the Lil Nas concert, which was a blast because I love Lil Nas.

It was fun seeing the crowd blast to his hit song ‘Old Town Road.’

Overall, my first-time experience of the Calgary Stampede was so much fun, and I look forward to it next year, especially watching the end of the festival grandstand show and fireworks.

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