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PUP ‘Morbid Stuff’ Album Review

PUP performing at the Commonwealth. Photo by Sheldon Smith

Something is afoot with the already excellent Canadian punk band PUP.

Fresh off playing a European tour, the Canadian punk band is riding a wave of buzz that has seen them performing all over the world, and returning to Cow Town in the fall to headline the much bigger venue of MacEwan Hall.

It makes sense after hearing the band’s third album Morbid Stuff, and oh baby, there’s no denying these boys from Toronto are having a moment.

On this latest outing, PUP hones its craft to a level where they could be destined for much bigger things.

Morbid Stuff is the follow up to 2016’s Polaris Prize shortlisted The Dream is Over, and is PUP’s most accessible album to date, and I mean that in the best possible way.

The album sees the band walk the line perfectly between its trademark combination of fist-pumping anthems and crushing punk attack without ever overstepping.

On Morbid Stuff, PUP embodies the anti-climactic realization that growing up just means you own your shit a little better and move on.

Take for example ‘See You At Your Funeral’ a story of sour love and making the grown-up decision to offset one’s self-destructive lifestyle with mediation and organic food.

Morbid Stuff’s second track ‘Kids’ is another standout, which sounds like the missing link between The Descendent’s youthful piss-and-vinegar punk rock, and the wise party anthems of The Hold Steady.

Perhaps the track ‘Scorpion Hill’ best reflects the spirit of the album, with the lyrics “I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts, I like them a lot.”

It’s a tale of bad reactions to hard-luck situations, sung with the joyful earnestness of an arm-in-arm singalong at last call.

Backyard BBQ Bangers

Morbid Stuff was undoubtedly used as a soundtrack for this summer’s most important moments like pre-drinking, backyard BBQ’s, or shouting your frustrations into a pillow as Jason Kenney’s “Summer of Repeal” unfolds.

PUP reaches dizzying new heights with Morbid Stuff and manages to sound exactly like a quarter-life crisis, complete with the coinciding cathartic relief of Friday night drinks.

So, pour yourself a double and give this one a spin, if you haven’t already, because you’re an adult now and you’ll need something a little stiffer to get by.

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