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Tommy’s Two Cent: Get That Ramen.

Nothing crushes one’s morale like coming home after a long day of studying to the realization that you’ve maxed-out your credit card on Skip-The-Dishes, and the only thing emptier than your stomach is your cupboard.

The trick to avoiding this scenario is having a healthy stockpile of the cheapest ramen noodles you can find.

This week I rigorously critiqued an assortment of instant noodles to deliver the best possible recommendation for pathetic pantries everywhere.

A bowl of cheap and delicious ramen. (Photo by Jesse Boily)

Compliments Ramen Noodles came out victorious, and that’s mostly in part to them coming in at about 70 cents below market value. What this lacklustre pack of noodles loses in flavour, it makes up for by putting big bucks back into your bank account.

One of the many benefits to the bland flavour is that you can add extra water to your soup and hardly notice a difference. There’s plenty of merit to upping your soup/¢ ratio.

Outside of the lack of flavour, the noodles are incredibly average. They do differ, however, in the fact that the noodles stay firm, even when they’ve been overcooked. You’ll be surprised by the springy texture at first, but once you get over that you can sleep easy, knowing that you’ll never cross paths with a bowl of mushy noodles again.

The Compliments noodles come in three flavours: beef, chicken, and vegetable. The veggie packet comes in at a whopping 190 calories; plenty enough to get you through your five-hour sleep. You’ll also be pleased to know that it contains enough Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to cause your hippy relative on Facebook an outrageous amount of stress.

Compliments Ramen Noodles pair nicely with a lukewarm Lucky Lager. They also go pleasantly with an extension on your already overdue assignment.  They’re served best at a scalding temperature. This helps to ensure you properly desensitize your taste buds before diving in head first.


Functionality:  8 / 10

Enjoyment:  3 / 10


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