HIPE Hospital Day builds communication in medicine

Paramedics, lab techs, nurses, doctors, and more filled the Senator Burns building in the name of
patient care, and how they can all work better as a team.

Students from SAIT, the University of Calgary, Bow Valley College and Mount Royal University came to SAIT
campus on Feb. 23 for the Healthcare Interprofessional Education (HIPE) Club’s Hospital Day.

“The balance of real-life, hands-on simulations and the learning about other disciplines is such
an advantage,” said Jennifer Stefura, a register respiratory therapist and SAIT instructor.
Stefura is also the staff coordinator of the HIPE club on campus.

HIPE Hospital Day,

An administrator and volunteer goes over her notes with students after a simulation during the HIPE Hospital Day event on Feb. 23, 2019. The simulation focused on care of patients in a hospital ward. (Photo by Amanda McColl/SAIT)

The attitude of inclusive workspaces was the central point of the event. This is the second year
SAIT has hosted HIPE Hospital Day, and the organizers were thrilled that the event grew in leaps and bounds.

“We’ve doubled attendance this year,” said Stefura, during the introductions on Saturday

The event included three simulations and three demonstrations.

Each group of five, or six students navigated the simulations—an emergency room, an intensive
care unit, and a patient within a ward—that included actors so students could learn in a
hands-on environment.

David Wei, a member of SAIT medical laboratory science club was equally excited to share
what they do with other professions.

A student cunducts an ultrasound demonstration, showing the parts of the human heart during the HIPE Hospital Day event on Feb. 23, 2019.(Photo by Amanda McColl/SAIT)

“It’s a great way to put us out there as a part of the medical community.”

The laboratory science demonstration covered several topics, including different testing
techniques, blood typing and how med labs process the samples that are sent to them.

The teams moved through the simulations together throughout the day, and many said that by the
end of the day, they developed more simple, and quicker communication skills among their team.

That, said Akuffo, was the point of the event and the importance of interprofessional
communication can be a valuable skill necessary in the workplace.

“At present, I don’t think there’s any other platform that has that.”

The participants agreed and many saw an improvement in how they saw the other professions
around them and their roles.

Jamie Boyd, a third-year nursing student at the U of C, was very pleased with the whole

“There were a lot of skills that we can take with us into the real world.”

David Patterson, a SAIT student in the primary care paramedic program found himself wanting
to do more simulations even as the day ended.

Jamie Boyd listening to a speaker during the hematology demonstration at SAIT’s HIPE Hospital Day event on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2018. Boyd is a third year nursing student at the U of C. (Photo by Amanda McColl/SAIT)

“Let’s do another one,” he said as his team finished their simulation in the ICU room.

“Right now, I’d rather be in a hospital setting than in the truck,” he added.

His enthusiasm was shared by his teammate, Naman Siddiqu, a medical student at the U
of C.

“You don’t learn like this in a lecture theatre.”

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