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SAITSA Executive Council Election Panel Night in summary

The night of March. 12, the Odyssey Coffeehouse held SAITSA’s 2019 Executive Council (EC) Elections Panel Night. All seven EC candidates answered questions and spoke to students on why they should be elected.

The candidates pitched what they would bring if elected, and explained how their ideas would help the student community. Approximately 30 people attended the panel night.

Garrett Koehler, the single candidate for VP External, spoke about how he would change the priority of external advocacy. SAITSA is about standing up for student rights according to Koehler, and external advocacy is about tuition, mental health funding, and sexual violence funding.

“There is so much that rides on external advocacy to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments,” said Koehler, “It cannot be forgotten because that is what affects students in their academic ground.”

In January, SAITSA donated $10 million to SAIT for a non-academic student space on campus. Jess Beddow, running for VP student life, said the money donated should be used for club space and study space. She also envisions a space to incorporate art and collaborate with the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts). “It’s a place for students, a space they can call their own,” said Beddow.

Chevaughn Fuller, another candidate running for VP student life, said he would use the money to create room for a SAITSA daycare. Fuller believes this will be a big step towards helping students meet their needs.

Deanna Balla, one of two candidates running for SAITSA President, also thinks bringing in a daycare would benefit SAIT students tremendously. According to Balla, by collaborating with colleges and universities that have been successful with on-campus daycare, bringing in early child development programs, and blocking off restricted areas for the safety of children, SAIT can make the daycare a reality.

“I believe we can do it,” said Balla.


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