Super Smash Cafe: Time to smash!

New cafe brings back memories

super smash cafe

Ahmad Bahay, left, and Moe Chybli, right, are starting Super Smash Cafe. SAIT goers will have a convenient spot to relax and unwind, with the cafe located across from the main entrance of the campus.
Friday, Feb. 8, 2019
Photo by Rorie Stannard

The familial sounds of a childhood Saturday afternoon are about to grace SAIT campus, with the opening of Super Smash Café across the street on 16th Ave.

Sporting a similar vibe to cafés such as Hexagon in Kensington, Super Smash Café is set to have in-house made snacks, baked goods, high end coffee and of course, all your favourite Nintendo console games.

“We’re hoping to be able to bring in every system from the NES to the Switch,” said Mohammed Chybli, Co-Owner of Super Smash Café.

“We took inspiration for operating ideas from places like Hexagon and Analog, and wanted to combine the best companies of their niches into one super unique café.”

Chybli, and co-owner Ahmad Bahay aim to appeal initially to SAIT, the University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University students to check out the café for the nostalgic feel, and warm sense of home they strive to establish.

“We want to set up a comfortable atmosphere and recreate a sense of togetherness with whomever you’re playing with,” said Bahay.

“Kind of like watching and getting excited with your older brothers in your mom’s basement as kids, all the while with the convenience of good food and coffee.”

The idea for the café’s inception came about approximately six months ago, sprouting both from Chybli’s love of Super Smash Bros., and his ambitious nature as an entrepreneur.

“Anybody who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with Smash Bros.; always have been.

“After a while a few of them suggested to me that I start up a video game café and make my hobby my business,” said Chybli.

As a second-year International business student at the U of C, and being surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, Chybli said starting up Super Smash Café seemed like a natural thing to do.

Upon establishment of Super Smash Café, Bahay and Chybli will be hosting various event nights in-house soon to be announced; of which will include a “Beat the Owners Night” when they will be taking challenges from anybody brave enough to step up to the plate.

“Whether you’re a Nintendo player or not, I encourage anyone to challenge me on any system, any game,” said Chybli.

“If you think you can beat us at Smash, come try!” said Bahay.

“I’m no stranger to Mario Kart either.”

“We want to establish a larger sense of community, and by encouraging people with more and more opportunities to join in, it spreads awareness and brings people together,” said Chybli.

To find out more details about the café, and to follow their progress, the Instagram handle is @supersmashcafe, alongside the hashtag ‘beatorbebeat.’

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