SAIT Destinations will travel hack for you

Escaping the brutal cold of Canadian winters can be difficult for those short on funds. But with a few travel shortcuts, students can find themselves sunbathing in a tropical destination or hitting up ancient ruins in Europe with money to spare.

Hailey St. Germaine, a second-year travel and tourism student at SAIT, said that there are lots of ways for students to save money when booking a trip if they are careful.

“Setting a budget will help, be cautious of what you’re spending money on, and set boundaries for yourself,” she said.

Germaine said that by planning beforehand, students can feel more prepared and less stressed out financially.

SAIT Destinations, SAIT’s student-run travel centre, has plenty of deals for students, available throughout the year.

SAIT Destinations

A student gets ready for their trip abroad this summer in Calgary on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019. Many students want to spend their summers travelling but cannot afford too. (Photo by Jesse Boily/SAIT)

Currently, Destinations offers $150 off when a minimum of a seven day trip is booked, a deal which can be combined with other offers.

Similarly, Danielle Slater, manager at Merit Travel at the University of Calgary, said that Merit has deals for students year round.

“We have amazing rates on travel insurance, which is a must for anyone travelling. We also have special flight deals to Europe and beyond.

“Depending on where and when, we have plenty to offer students, and teachers too,” said Slater.

Another great way for students to save money, according to Slater, is to sign-up for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which is a “must have for all full-time students.”
“It gets you discounts when you are travelling at museums, attractions, entrance fees and more. It also gets you great discounts when you book with us at Merit Travel.”

By having the ISIC card, students can save anywhere from five to 20 per cent off adventure tours around the world with Merit Travel.

In addition, for those students who plan ahead, many companies offer early booking bonuses or have sales to help keep one’s budget down, said Slater.

She added that planning ahead is key when it comes to saving money on your upcoming holiday.

“I always recommend booking in advance. It is far less stressful and you have time to think about your trip, save for it, and you have the most options at your fingertips.”

To take advantage of these great deals, give Merit Travel a call at (403) 282-7687 or email at Or visit Destinations at SAIT in Senator Burns.

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