G4S replaces Paladin Security as SAIT’s security provider

Starting in November 2018, SAIT students and staff may have noticed a change around campus that had been in the works for approximately three to four years: a new security team.

SAIT decided to hire G4S as its new campus security provider, replacing Paladin Security.

It was time for a change, said Chris Gerritsen, the associate director of communications at SAIT.

“It was time to renew the contract with Paladin, and we decided we needed an update,” he said.

“Being fiscally responsible, nearing the end of Paladin’s contract, we [talked] about bringing in a new team, and G4S had what we were looking for.”

Gerritsen said G4S began their on-campus training near the end of October 2018 and into November 2018, shadowing Paladin to be “shown the ropes” and get used to the layout and operations on site.

At the end of November 2018, G4S took over operations completely from Paladin.

“This was part of our mandate to ensure security,” said Gerritsen.

SAIT security

(Photo by Parker Crook/The Weal)

Promising trends

In the closing semester of their service on the campus, Paladin Security saw an average of 30 to 40 incidents regarding vagrancies, vandalism, theft, and drugs per month, according to incident reports.

“The amount of personal, health safety, environment, extra training, and other services offered by G4S was a much better fit for our campus and so far has seen very positive results,” said Gerritsen.

Although it is still early into their service on campus, Gerritsen said G4S has already received several compliments regarding the improvement of service and security.

Furthermore, according to incident reports, there has been an approximately 25 per cent noticeable drop in violations, vandalism, trespassing, and vagrancies by in G4S’s first few months on campus.

“We are very optimistic about the new team and very pleased with their performance results thus far,” said Gerritsen.

Speak out

Gerritsen also commented that student and staff awareness play a big part in assisting campus security, and encouraged everyone to report a tip if they see something out of the ordinary.

“You can even go through the SAIT Alert app to report a tip, request an escort back to your car, as well as make use of a great deal of other services available here on campus,” said Gerritsen.

Students and staff are able to and encouraged to submit feedback and ask questions of G4S via email at, using the subject line ‘Subjective Feedback’ or ‘Questions’ respectively.

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