Valentine’s Day date ideas on a budget

As Valentine’s Day approaches, broke college students everywhere are trying creative ways to have the perfect budget-friendly date night.

Every Feb. 14, the world exchanges candy, flowers, and gifts with their loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. 

Valentines day
In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a practice known as “floriography” came to popularity, which involves sending floral bouquets to love interests – a tradition that has carried through to today (Photo by Patrick Concepcion/SAIT)

“If you love someone, you don’t celebrate only once a year,” said Samir Daoud, an Architectural Technologies student at SAIT. 

“It should be every day.”

“Couples celebrate the day of romance every year with perfect dates and expensive presents,” said Daoud.

“Celebrating this day with [a] significant other can be difficult on the pockets of many.”

“A simple date with a simple gift, but with a lot of love, will be enough,” Daoud added.

Tourism Calgary encourages Calgarians to enjoy the Valentine’s weekend with loved ones by attending the second annual Glow festival. 

Downtown Calgary’s Winter Light Festival celebrates music, creativity, and light through some mesmerizing art installations. 

The event promises interactive displays that would showcase the ever-evolving partnership between art and technology.

With a special Valentine’s Day installation and impressive events lined up for each day, the festival is predicted to attract huge crowds.

“It’s totally free too,” said Sarah Walter, a theater and arts student at University of Calgary, who plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend at the festival. 

“It isn’t necessary to break the bank to celebrate this day by setting a low budget with your significant other,” said Stephanie Ostermann, the co-founder and editor-in-chief at Vivid & Brave.

“Discuss what is comfortable with each other and set a mood for your date night.”

“I think that knowing your partners love language or what they value can help you plan for these sorts of holidays,” said Ostermann.

“If your partner likes quality time, then a walk or an afternoon in a museum might fill their cup.”

“Find creative solutions to show appreciation to your loved ones,” said Rhiannon Wood, who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for over four years.

“Cute homemade gifts still let us make it a little special – Pinterest has great ideas,” she said.

“Cook some dinner, watch a movie, and cuddle a little – or give a massage. It’s the perfect date.

“Just enough to make the other person smile.”

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