Journey 103: SAIT student radio station returns to airwaves

Not your average radio station

SAIT’s Radio, Television and Broadcast News (RTBN) students are at it again, populating the airwaves with music, ideas, conversations, and comedy of the youth. 

Chabely Cancino, second year SAIT Radio, Television, and Broadcast news international student from Mexico City gets hyped before hopping on air. 
(Photo by Patrick Concepcion)

RTBN News students relaunched their yearly radio station, rechristening the station as Journey 103. The relaunched station plans on differing themselves from other student radio stations in Calgary, as well as previous iterations of the station, which is a major part of second-year RTBN. 

RTBN second-year student and sometimes on-air personality Lindsay Brock is excited for the station to be up again.

“What we get to do is re-brand the whole thing, from the ground up and relaunch it. 

“We get to come up with new tag lines, people are on social media, people are on the contest promotion team. People really get to learn every role.” 

Brock is hoping her experience at Journey 103 gives her the chops to work on the production side of radio development. 

She is one of a small number of women who pursue the production side of RTBN. 

“I am really proud to be one of the few women who hope to go into production,” she said. 

The production side of the RTBN program allows students to learn the technical side of radio production. 

“When it comes to something as technical as production, I think women just do not get taken as seriously in that side of things,” Brock added.

The station is meant to showcase the collective creative ideas showcased by the RTBN students.

“We all have a different role to play in making this work,” Brock added. 

While still a student-run endeavour, Journey 103 is attempting to be different from other campus radio stations in Calgary. 

“We are just trying to be the SAIT radio station, and we are all proud of that.” 

Tune into Journey 103 and get up-to-date SAIT information, music and much more. 

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