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Volleyball veteran Simran Dhami makes ACAC history in final year

Middle Simran Dhami sets all-time blocks record

Trojans women’s volleyball player Simran Dhami achieved ACAC legend status with the Nov. 21 game in Medicine Hat.

The middle, who is originally from Golden, B.C., became the record holder for most all time blocks, outshining Lakeland College’s Michelle Laing, who previously set the record with a total of 232 blocks.

Before making ACAC history with the Trojans, volleyball wasn’t on Dhami’s horizon.

At first, her main interest was in basketball, and she didn’t start playing volleyball until the eighth grade.

“I really didn’t get into it until I got into grade 11,” she explained.

“It’s when I started playing club, and then in grade 12 was when I thought about playing post-secondary.”

Determined to play in the ACAC, she emailed different coaches, including Trojans women’s volleyball head coach Art O’Dwyer.

After O’Dwyer watched Dhami play at a couple tournaments, he offered her a position on the Trojans roster.

“When he offered me the spot, it completely changed everything around,” she said.

Dhami’s original plan was to go to Mount Royal University, and not pursue her athletic career any further.

She is glad she picked SAIT, and credits the volleyball program for making the institution so appealing.

“Probably the main reason why I’ve been here for five years and stayed at SAIT [is] because of the volleyball team,” she expressed.

“That includes the people I’ve met through it and the athletics department and everything.”

Dhami stated that the blocks record won’t affect her mindset in the game, and she doesn’t mind the higher expectations it creates.

“It’s not like I go into every game thinking about it, but you definitely have more to your name, so people definitely expect more, but I don’t like thinking too much into it,” she said.

“If anything, it motivates me and encourages me to do better, but I don’t think in any way it would affect my playing.”

With it being Dhami’s last year as a Trojan, she can’t thank SAIT enough for what it’s given to her, both academically and athletically.

She proclaimed that in all aspects, including her future work and if she coaches, her time at SAIT will always be something she’ll take with her.

“A lot of that has to come from what I’ve learned from my coaches and what my teammates have taught me and working as a team, grinding through the year with volleyball and school.

“That, I think, is what will help me a lot with my future.”

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