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Dry January: worth the effort?

Dry January, the practice of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, is underway and some are finding it harder than expected to avoid a cold bevvy. 

After the holiday season, 23-year-old Kristen Turner said she wanted to cut out drinking in order to save money and take care of her body.

Turner is a Starbucks barista in Calgary, and isn’t shy of a night out on the town. She said that she came to realize  that she drinks “way too much.”

“I also spend too much money on drinking, even though I know I should spend money on something more productive.” 

According to Turner, drinking helps her cope in social situations, and a couple of drinks can help her to feel more talkative and attentive in a crowd. 

“It is hard for me to say no to drinking in a social situation. 

“When I am out with friends, I always feel like I need to drink because that’s what we always do.

“It’s just our norm,” she added.

Turner’s sobriety lasted eight consecutive days, until a couple of Dome foams at a hockey game ended her streak on day nine.

Even though she didn’t complete the challenge, Turner said she felt better physically and mentally, and saved money at the end of the week.

“When I go on a bender and I am drinking in excess for multiple days, I feel extremely depressed and anxious [afterwards].

“I have been a lot happier not drinking as excessively as I usually do, and I’m going to continue to drink less.”

Turner said that she would love to try the Dry January challenge again, and  stick to it for the entire month. 

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