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Kensington consignment a thriving fashion community

By ditching fast fashion, students can stay on trend and within their budget by shopping at local consignment shops.

And Kensington, just a stone’s throw from SAIT’s main campus, is brimming with unique and specially curated consignment shops.

“You’re gonna find way cooler things at a consignment shop, because they’ve been specifically curated and their articles of clothing come from people that have travelled all over – it’s a really curated collection,” said Michelle Morigeau, owner of Peacock Boutique Consignment.

According to Morigeau, the best thing you can do when shopping consignment is to ask if there are any sales going on.

“If you shop at the end of the season, we always have big sales going on,” she said.

Regardless of when you go, consignment shopping will always be a better option than hitting up a mall where “everything is the same,” according to Morigeau.

“All the styles are the same [at the mall], and you’re just gonna look like everybody else walking around.”

According to longtime consignment lover and employee at Kensington Konsignment, Crystal Dew, the most beautiful thing when it comes to fashion is that you can make it your own.

Dew suggest following your instincts when shopping second-hand, trying something on, and creating the outfit using your own sense of style as your compass.

The best thing about shopping consignment is the effect that it has on our environment, according to Dew.

“First and foremost, our planet Earth is very important.

“Consignment shopping helps to make good use of our material resources, and because you are saving money it’s also good for the wallet.”

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