Trojans cricket team shows promise, gaining momentum in first competitive tournament

The Trojans seek greatness in the world of cricket as they enter their first year of competition.

Cricket, a sport that originated from south-east England in the 16th century, is a game with 11 players on each team. Similar to baseball, one side has a batsman, and one side has a pitcher called a bowler.

Scoring is determined by how many runs are made and how many wickets are lost. Wickets are a set of three stumps with two bails on top. If one of the two bails, a small stick placed on top of the wicket is knocked down, and one of the stumps is removed. 

The team started a couple years ago, according to Ahmed Ehsan, captain of the Trojans Cricket team. 

A Trojans cricket player bowls at a tournament. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Anthony/SAIT Intramurals)

In the early beginnings of the team, they didn’t carry the name of ‘Trojans’. Ehsan said that he had a conversation with former SAIT recreation programmer Jared Hidber about taking the team to the next level, and representing the Trojans on the pitch.

He added that there was a good response by promoting the team via social media and SAIT events.

“Our goal at the end is to promote the sport among SAIT students,” said Ehsan.

“That should make a really good, strong, SAIT team to compete with other universities.”

Ehsan found approximately 20 players on the team who gave it everything in their first tournament hosted by the University of Calgary Cricket Association (UCCA).

The eight-game knockout tournament, which took place on Nov 24-25, was comprised of eight teams, five from the University of Calgary (U of C), two from SAIT, and one outsider team that plays in the league.

Both SAIT teams had a stellar debut, winning both of their games against U of C. The Trojans’ second team fell in their second game to one of the other U of C teams, while the Trojans’ first team remained, winning two games against U of C.

“They were good, quality, U of C teams,” Ehsan recalled.

The remaining Trojans’ team made it all the way to semi-finals in their first major competitive tournament, but fell to the outsider team.

“For our first tournament, I guess it was quite good for us,” said Ehsan.

The success on the pitch is in part credited to practices with Calgary Cricket.

A Trojans cricket cricket player defends the wickets behind him in a tournament. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Anthony/SAIT Intramurals)

“We actually have them coming out to our practices and help further develop our game,” Ehsan said.

Ehsan explained that the practice games they had in preparation for their first tournament were crucial to their success.

“Obviously practice plays a huge role in preparing guys for the matches. But the match situations [in practice], that’s when a good player will step and perform,” Ehsan said.

There is nothing but praise coming from Ehsan regarding the support from the Trojans staff, especially intramural and club sports coordinator Stephen Anthony.

“Regarding any of the equipment, regarding any of the jerseys, logistics, practice schedules, he’s the guy,” Ehsan said.

Anthony, who took the job in October of this year, predicts the cricket team won’t be among the sports that have reached Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference status.

“There are a few sports that are currently in the club status that could potentially be an ACAC sport, but cricket itself, I don’t believe it has a future in the ACAC.”

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