SAIT students need a fall reading week: Why a break is critical at this point in the semester

Post-secondary students who are anxiously facing final exams and rapidly approaching due dates are undoubtedly in favour of a fall reading week.

Imagine yourself in a situation where not only are you supposed to study for your finals, but you’re required to finish all of the piled-up work that has been assigned, maintain your social life, and keep up with your job, too.

Mariam Desouki, a student taking open studies at Mount Royal University (MRU) and also works, explained why she is in favour of having a reading week in the fall semester.

“The main reason is for students to de-stress, and begin to adapt to the new year that for many students can be overwhelming,” she said.

Desouki admits that as she nears the end of the semester, she goes home flooded with work that needs to be done, but does not have time to do it.

Even though a week off is reasonable, it’s not long enough to get everything done, she said.

“I feel like it is not enough time for students to finish assignments and study for exams.”

Desouki was fortunate enough to have a fall reading week, but students at other institutions are not as lucky. Some post-secondary schools do not have a reading week in the fall, leaving students to battle through stress, anxiety, and even depression.

For example, SAIT does not offer a fall reading week to its students.

Towards the end of the fall semester, students are swamped with homework and final exams.

As post-secondary students across the city brace themselves for a storm of work, it is evident that the majority of them would prefer a fall reading week to focus on all that the semester brings.


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