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Ellen Doty does her province proud with the Alberta Spotlight Showcase

Alberta musician Ellen Doty will give Calgarians a show to remember tonight at the National Music Centre as part of the Alberta Spotlight Series showcase. 

The showcase puts on display the best talent Alberta has to offer. Started in 2018, the program is meant to showcase Alberta talent from various genres and provide them with the support and with a location to perform. 

Doty, who will be performing at the National Music Centre this week, has been a part of the Alberta music culture since her childhood, and is excited to be part of the series. 

Ellen Doty serenades the world with her jazz, pop, and soul infused music. (Photo by Brendan Klem)

“I want my music to be that thing that reminds people to tell others that they love them and to always be conscious of how we treat others.The program is meant to showcase a variety of artists from various genres and has been popular since its inception in January of 2018. 

“You have to be really good to be part of it,” says Adam Fox.  

Fox serves as the programming director at The Calgary based National Music Centre and organizer of the Alberta Spotlight series. 

Doty, who is originally from Okotoks Alberta, has been on the rise in Calgary, with the 2018 release of Come Fall, a full length EP and Already Home, a single. The latter of which is part of a campaign to raise funds for Inn From The Cold. 

“Already Home,” a single performed with Calgary based R&B artist Ruben Young, is done in partnership with Monogram coffee. This partnership is the second charitable endeavour Doty  participated in over many years; the partnership in 2017 was with Danny Vacon, of The Dudes fame.

Doty, who has been performing since her childhood, has frequented many genres. Her primary genre however is jazz. This love of jazz comes from her exposure to the genre from a young age. 

“My grandma lived across from Nat King Cole in Los Angeles and both my grandparents really loved jazz and that was passed down to me.” 

However, Doty’s music travels in multiple genres. From jazz, Indie rock, folk and pop, Doty’s musical ability offers listeners with a chance to learn from multiple genres. This is intentional, according to Doty. 

“I view my music as a good middle ground for people who have not listened to jazz before.” 

Ellen Doty will be performing on Dec. 6 as part of the Alberta Spotlight Series at the National Music Centre. For tickets go to https://nmc.ca/

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