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Speaking the same language

We Are The City on crafting new music

We Are The City rocked the Gateway earlier this month, on Nov. 10. 

The band, hailing from Kelowna, B.C., consists of singer singer-keyboardist Cayne McKenzie, guitarist David Menzel, and drummer Andrew Huculiak.

The band performed songs from their latest album, At Night; an album that was put together over the span of just two weeks.

“We took some of the scraps of RIP, rebuilt them into other songs in a two-week period, and realized we had another album on our hands,” said Huculiak.

These scraps resulted in At Night, an 11-track LP that is imperfect and spontaneous, yet still delivers all the elements of a well-crafted, atmospheric album from We are the City.

Contrary to At Night’s counterpart, RIP – set to be released in 2019 – is an album that took two years to complete.

“It was a really involved process where we were meticulous with everything.”

When making RIP, Huculiak said the members went “back to their roots” to make the LP.

They were looking for places that inspired them, and Huculiak said they wound up “holed up” in McKenzie’s basement for a long time.

“We played in the same room that we first learned how to play together.

I really think that we try and draw as much inspiration from the location that we record [in].”

The band have been performing together ever since 2008, and found it easy collaborating on their latest work.

“We have a shorthand, we’ll be able to talk in the same language to each other that is kind of specific or unique to us.”

Despite the easy aspect of working together, Huculiak said there’s no easy way to make a song.

“As soon as we feel we’ve found the right way to do it, we’ll go back and try and to do it again and it just doesn’t work, so we have to find a new approach.

The process is always changing but at least we understand each other.”

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