Finding the little links Ryan Boldt of Deep Dark Woods talks music, creativity, and telling stories

Grungy folk band The Deep Dark Woods are embarking on a Canadian and U.S tour, including a performance at The Gateway, which took place Nov. 17.

Inspired by genres such as country, blues, and even ‘60s R&B, the Saskatchewan-born group have invented a sound that many can appreciate.

Their latest album, Yarrow, was produced with different musicians from their previous albums. Lead singer Ryan Boldt, and folk duo Kacy & Clayton were involved in the process.

“It was a nice record to make,” said Boldt.

Before Yarrow, Boldt had been working and performing with the same members for 10 years, and said it was nice to switch it up.

“It opened things up creatively.

“If you’re switching things up, it really keeps you wanting to create new sounds.”

The Deep Dark Woods’ next record will also feature members from the current touring band, including drummer Mike Silverman who has toured with Kacy & Clayton in the past.

No matter what genre you enjoy, this band captivates listeners with their melancholy sound and storytelling ballads that are uniquely their own.

Outside of The Deep Dark Woods, music still runs through all aspects of Boldts life, with his podcast, The Ryan Boldt Radio Show, which features music of all genres and more storytelling from the individual.

“I’m really obsessed with the history of music, and it’s fun to be able to share that with people.”

Boldt used to have his own radio show in Saskatoon when he was in Grade 10, and continued it for years.

He spends a good amount of time crafting each show, and said he starts with one song he wants to play before finding other songs to link them all together.

The link doesn’t only have to be sonic. For example, Boldt said he can find a “little link” and connection through a musician playing on one record, and then playing on a different record.

“The more music I listen to, the more it helps with my own music, that’s for sure.”

The Deep Dark Woods will be taking the rest of the year off, and head back into the studio in late winter or early spring to record the next album.

“It’s been a long busy year and a bit here, so I need a little bit of a break.”

Nonetheless, Boldt said he’s excited to record again.

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