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Short Order Kitchen gives students a healthy way to start the day

For students looking for a quick and easy breakfast solution, the 4Nines’ Short Order Kitchen is a great way to make sure fitting in the most important meal of the day is fast and simple. 

“It’s really nice now that we have a hot display case, as once everything is freshly made in the morning, students can grab a hot or cold breakfast and go,” said Jason Boyd, Head Chef and breakfast course instructor in the school of Hospitality and Tourism.

Offering pre-made breakfast meals, Head chef Jason Boyd started the Short Order Kitchen breakfast menu with his students as an alternative to waiting in line for food. (Photo by Jp Pitogo/SAIT)

“It’s a much more personal experience, since we ask the first name of everyone who comes in, and it’s a competitive price point for students so we’re already starting to see regulars dropping by.”

Short Order Kitchen’s breakfast menu is geared primarily to the early risers, as they only open between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. Given the short hours, the hot breakfast options are as on-the-go as students with early classes who need them most. 

Short Order Kitchen, like The Highwood, Marketplace, and Butchery, is run and operated by SAIT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism, so you can expect much more than just eggs and coffee to go. 

Understanding the tight student budget, Short Order Kitchen won’t make your wallet feel like it’s bleeding out. Most meals will typically ring in at around $7 or less. 

Menu options range from simple sandwiches, assembled with bread baked in-house, to fresh quiches and classic breakfast options to go.

Boyd says that the egg is the most important ingredient in the kitchen, and even the Volkswagen parked in front of the building each morning is an homage to this sentiment.

“I had one just like it when my wife and I were dating, but I had to sell it when we first bought a house,” said Boyd.

“Then just recently, my wife surprised me with this one that’s the same age as I am, in the white and yellow that matches the eggs in the kitchen, so I thought it would be a fun and fitting sort of mascot to be a part of the beginning of the school year.”

To promote the new breakfast menu at Short Order Kitchen, head chef Jason Boyd parked his Volkswagen Van in front of the 4 Nines dining centre. (Photo by Jason Boyd/Caption by Jp Pitogo)

4Nines is newly opened in the John Ware Building and also offers an extensive lunch menu that changes weekly.

To keep up to date on what’s hot and fresh, menus for on-campus food options can be easily accessed online through the SAIT website.

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