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Six Tips and Tricks for Thrifty Halloween Costumes

Disco divas, dinosaurs, killer clowns, and Fortnite skins are just a few of the popular Halloween costumes dressing the aisles of stores this fall. 

Those costumes come at a premium, but for the costume shopper who is willing to put in a little extra effort, there are plenty of unique and thrifty costumes available. 

Creating your own mask can be a cheap alternative to your Halloween costume.
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Calgary, Alta, Canada
Photo by Rorie Stannard

Here are a few tips and tricks for thrifty Halloween costume shopping this fall:

Mom knows best

“Never be afraid to go through your mom’s closet,” says former SAIT student Jessie Ferguson, a former Halloween store employee.

“There’s always a good chance she has something in there she’s not using.” 

No matter how outdated the item might be, Halloween is a great occasion to pull out a 1980s blazer with shoulder pads or a pair of funky legwarmers. 

Repurpose an old costume or DIY

Costumes can sometimes range from $60 to $100, not including accessories, or special effects makeup. Students who are willing to repurpose an old costume or DIY one themselves can save money in the long run – money that can be spent on adding detail to the costume, according to Ferguson. 

Be intentional

Ferguson suggests students purchase items that would be willing to wear time and time again. 

For example, a plaid shirt used for a scarecrow costume could be a great addition to a western look during Stampede week. 

Be a trendsetter

Donovan Keenatch, leading costume consultant at Value Village, suggests students dive deep into the clothing section of Value Village to mix and match new costume pieces with items that have been donated to a non-profit partnered with Value Village. 

“Don’t just stick to the new costumes, and don’t just limit yourself to something that came out this year,” says Keenatch.

Ask for help

Creating a unique and thrifty Halloween costume can be overwhelming, so Keenatch recommends asking for help.

“Costume consultants are there because we care about what our customers want and it’s in our best interest to create [the costume they want] on the best budget possible.”

Have fun with it!

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Halloween is about having fun, and the process of creating the perfect thrifty Halloween costume should be just as fun. 

Have a thrifty Halloween! 

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