Trojans hockey and golf: Double threats on the ice and fairway

“Hockey and golf go hand-in-hand,” according to Karmen Mooney, a SAIT Trojan who pulled double duty on both teams this season.

“It’s the swing,” joked Mooney, comparing the two sports.

Mooney and fellow Trojans rearguards Tashel Scantlebury and Will Gretton helped the Trojans golf team win respectable middle-of-the-pack finishes in the team’s first season since 2001.

Golf ball on a golf course. The evening sun coupled with recent rainfall makes for a sparkly setting.
Monday, September 24, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Photo by Rorie Stannard

The golf schedule, with two Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) tournaments plus practices, coincided well with training camp. 

The golf team reached out to hockey players knowing it was a popular offseason sport for them.

According to Mooney and Scantlebury, golf was a good fit for multiple reasons.

Scantlebury admitted she “didn’t put much thought into it” when women’s hockey coach Kelsey Leifson texted her in the offseason, asking if she’d be interested in the golf team.

After playing at the more intense college level, both players gained a new appreciation for what was previously just a casual offseason sport.

Golf works with the hockey offseason mainly because of its low risk of injury, and Mooney said the crossover is beneficial.

“It trains your brain in a different sense than hockey. It’s very much battling against yourself.”

Scantlebury has been playing golf since the age of seven, but she said this year was the first time she had golfed with a coach (Stephen Yanitsky).

Scantlebury said coaching taught her how to better read courses, and how to better carry through with her swing, especially when putting. She finished as the top performer on the women’s team in their two tournaments. 

Mooney, meanwhile, previously had just played some “casual” golf at the high school level.

For Mooney, it was her first time “expending the same energy” at her offseason sport that she did at hockey.

“It sparked a love of golf I didn’t really know I had,” said Mooney.

“I always enjoyed golf on the side, always thought I would take it up when I got older, but I guess I’m taking it up now.”

Mooney, who still has one more year at SAIT, said she plans to juggle both teams again next season.

“We had a lot of fun together,” Scantlebury said.

“We know each other pretty well from the four years of hockey, but it was different, walking the course. That takes five hours, that’s a lot of chatting,” said Mooney.

“It was a really cool experience; I’m glad the Trojans coaches approached us about it.”

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