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Reg Erhardt Library: beyond books, SAIT’s library has much more to offer

There is almost no problem that the Reg Erhardt Library at SAIT, in the Stan Grad Building, cannot solve. 

Forgetting a phone charger, needing a last minute graphing calculator, or facing a difficult research topic, are all things with which the library staff can help.  

Many of the library’s resources and services are available to staff, faculty, alumni, and students in any SAIT program, whether the format is online, part-time, or full-time.  

From cuddling with puppies to finding a quiet place to concentrate, the library makes it easier to get through the day.

Harpreet Singh is a first-year Petroleum Engineering student who utilizes the study rooms regularly.  

“I have been to every place in the library,” Singh said.  

“If you need privacy and you need time to study, it’s very quiet.”  

It takes only a few minutes to book study rooms online for two-hour blocks each week, or students can take their chances and drop-in.  

The rooms are stocked with a computer, wall-mounted monitor, laptop cables, and a whiteboard for brainstorming the next big thing in the world of GIS programming.

If a well-deserved study break is needed, there is a wide range of board games that can be borrowed.  

From role-playing games such as “Paramedic” or “Scruples” to classics like “Scrabble,” there is something for everyone. 

SAIT librarian Pablo Zanetta strongly recommends the robotic Lego kits called Mindstorms.  

“The kits were very popular during the summer camps [that SAIT put on] and it would be great to have students appreciate how much fun they are.”  

SAIT carries young adult and juvenile book series including Newbery award winners and popular titles as part of the Library Information Technology program that facilitates training of students who work in school libraries, which is something that Zanetta says most students don’t know.

Students at SAIT’s satellite campuses such as the Mayland Heights and the Art Smith Aero Centre can have items transferred to them through intercampus loans.  Each campus has its own designated pickup and drop-off locations to make the process as easy as possible.  

SAIT librarians can be contacted with questions through the Chat function on the library website.

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