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SAIT graduate credits volunteering for employment success

The benefits of joining clubs and volunteering at SAIT are endless, and students are provided with many opportunities to get involved on campus. 

The SAIT Students’ Association (SAITSA) offers many low-commitment volunteer roles, while students interested in more industry-specific positions can look at joining or starting a club. 

Whether a student chooses to join a club or volunteer for a one-time event, the experience gained is invaluable for employment success.

Tyler Kobayashi, a recent graduate of the Petroleum Engineering Technology program, credits most of his post-graduation success to volunteering while attending SAIT. 

After graduating in 2017, Kobayashi received multiple job offers from companies in the oil and gas industry.

“What I gained from volunteering isn’t just stuff to put on a resume,” said Kobayashi.

“It helped me develop relationships – it helped me develop my soft (interpersonal) skills.

“It’s the type of stuff that comes across in an interview.”

Jaunelle Ellis, a volunteer at the SAITSA Peer Support Centre, stands outside the SAITSA Peer Support room.
Monday, September 24, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Photo by Rorie Stannard

While many students are concerned with focusing on their coursework, it can be helpful to consider volunteering as just another form of education, said Kobayashi. It gives students hands-on experience, and helps them build a professional reputation before entering the working world. 

“If you take advantage of the student clubs and other resources here [at SAIT], you can start building those skills while you’re still a student,” said Kobayashi.

“Many industry representatives like to give back, and being in a club or volunteering is a good reason to get connected with those representatives.

“It can help you start building your network.”

Volunteering also gives students the opportunity to build their co-curricular record (CCR). The CCR is an official document, validated by SAIT, that provides students with recognition of their volunteering and involvement outside of academic courses. Complementary to academic transcripts, the CCR is a strong asset when applying for jobs after graduation. 

“You need to do all these little things that help develop who you are as a professional. That’s the stuff that’s going to translate beyond just having the diploma at the end of the day,” said Kobayashi. 

Students can find volunteer opportunities on campus on SAITSA’s website. They provide an online volunteer application form, which allows students to sign up for opportunities they may be interested in. For starting and joining clubs, the SAITSA Switchboard is also available online.

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