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Pumpkin spice up your life: You can pry this delicious fall flavour from my cold dead hands

Every year, it seems as though “pumpkin spice season” starts earlier and earlier. That’s not just an illusion, either. 

Even before the iconic drink is actually available, social media buzz, both positive and negative, begins in anticipation. 

Call me a “basic bitch,” but I am a big fan of the flavour, and all things fall-related. 

Still, even I can admit that the mania seems to reach new heights every autumn. Do dogs really need pumpkin spice-flavoured treats? 

No. Chances are, Fido couldn’t care less about whether his treats are seasonally appropriate. 

However, for humans, pumpkin spice has come to be synonymous with all things autumn.

And why not? It’s delicious. 

The famous pumpkin spice latte reaches a climax within the populace?
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit Rorie Stannard

According to Antonina Gonzales, manager of the SAIT campus Starbucks, pumpkin spice lattes and frappuccinos are currently their most popular drinks. This might be because of the perceived rarity – pumpkin spice is only available this time of year – but also because they are a sweet, indulgent blend of aromatic spices and life’s other great joy: coffee. 

They’re definitely not the healthiest option, but they are a nice treat on a brisk fall day. 

For me, the spices involved in pumpkin spice anything evoke comforting memories of my mother’s and grandmother’s baking. It’s nice to be able to immerse myself in that feeling even when they’re far away. 

Still, when it comes to the drink, people seem to love to hate it. Social media roundups abound on both sides of the great pumpkin spice debate. 

What haters seem to forget is this: not liking something simply because it is popular does not make a person special or unique. Nor does giving people a hard time for harmlessly enjoying that thing. 

Furthermore, claiming to hate something popular just because other people like it means that one is still allowing oneself to be defined by that thing. 

In any case, like it, love it or loathe it, pumpkin spice’s association with fall seems to be here to stay. 

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