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New Trojans logo helping SAIT soar into it’s second century

Trojans Athletics re-branding part of school-wide change. 

Aug. 1, 2018 the SAIT Trojans revealed their sharp new logo to media, staff, and students. 

The new design is part of a SAIT-wide re-branding that began in 2016 with a new school logo, and continues now with a fresh look for the athletics department. 

“I think it captures the spirit of the Trojans fantastically,” said Billie Rae Busby, marketing and communications coordinator for the Trojans. 

She added that the warrior symbol has been part of the Trojans logo since SAIT began playing in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) in 1964. 

“It’s powerful and strong and modern and exciting, and slightly intimidating,” she said of the new logo. 

Chris Gerritsen, the communications team lead for SAIT, said the process for creating a new logo is “an extension of the extensive research that has been done with our overall re-branding of SAIT.” 

While the design itself wasn’t created by SAIT students or alumni, there was “valuable student involvement” in various aspects of the re-branding process, said Gerritsen. 

Trojans student athletes and the general SAIT student population received email surveys about what it means to be a Trojan, what interested the recipients about the Trojans, and who they are overall. 

These surveys, sent out in the fall of 2017, helped influence the design of the new logo, which was done by Toronto-based agency Trajectory, the company behind the entire SAIT re-branding journey from start to finish. 

There were also focus groups held, the results of which helped determine which designs to go with. 

There was a group of current Trojans athletes, a group of Trojans alumni, and SAIT students who were not involved with the Trojans at all. 

“Their information was crucial,” said Busby. 

Creating a new logo is about more than just the design, with elements like a brand story, slogans, and an overall look coming together to create a “whole package,” she said. 

Busby said the input from the surveys and the focus groups was “super important” when it came to ensuring everything was on the right track. 

First impression reactions to the logo from coaches, athletes, and focus group participants were positive, said Busby. 

“There was an excitement that came about it, and I think there’s going to be a pride to be able to wear this on their chests.” 

Busby said SAIT considers the Trojans a “big, key piece of who SAIT is” when working on the re-branding project as a whole. 

“This was a great opportunity for the Trojans to be part of the second century of SAIT.” 

She added that the new logo is a more modern look than what the Trojans have had in the past, but it is still an “ode” to the traditions and history of the athletics department. 

“Interestingly, it wasn’t really that we needed to change, it was more about an opportunity to change, and that we could be excited about where SAIT and the Trojans are going in the future.” 

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