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Aasiva captivates listeners in debut album, but fall short of greatness

Aasiva’s debut album straddles the genres of singer-songwriter, and pop. The album is meant to showcase Indigenous culture and more importantly northern Indigenous culture. The songs flow fairly well from one to the other, but run up against a creative roadblock midway through the album, where Nakashuk seems to have run out of things to say.

This initial debut is strong and shows a lot of promise from the young singer, who is part of Aakuluk Music, the first Indigenous record label in Nunavut. 

Although the album is interesting because of it’s origin and the language it is sung in, it lacks passion and depth. 

Many of the songs on the record feel like they are only the beginning of a story, as opposed to the whole story. 

It is a solid entry from a young songwriter who surely has deep lyrics and a deeper well to pull from in future recordings.

Nakashuk will surely have a stronger second album that is more mature and defined. 

A second album from the young singer should lean more towards storytelling, and offer listeners a deeper dive into Indigenous culture, which Nakashuk already leans heavily into. 

This debut has a feeling of lightness and a carefree attitude similar to Regina Spektors early work or the early work of Beatrice Martin of Coeur de pirate. Nakashuk offers a light airy voice that is filled with excitement and youth and will hopefully eventually be a voice filled with passion. 

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