Racing team in need of a bigger crew

Baja team now open for all students


The SAIT Baja Racing Team is now open and looking for students with a variety of skills.

“As METs (mechanical engineering and technology students) we learn a lot about machine design and structure but we don’t learn how to run a business,” said Matthew Brewer, President of the SAIT Baja Racing Team.

The goal of the SAIT Baja Team and the Baja Society of Automatic Engineers is for teams from post-secondary institutions to build an off-road vehicle, travel and race other teams from all around the world.

The club also runs fundraisers to help with building and travel expenses.

“The entire project is funded by the students,” said Brewer,

The club is sponsored by Calgary Silk Screening Inc. and receives funding from SAIT alumni.

Everything else is student run.

Peter Jurisic, Vice President of Business Development at Calgary Silk Screening Inc., is helping out the Baja team with some of the fundraising.

“I’m going to do as much as I can just to help them raise money and be successful and perhaps pass along some of the things I know,” said Jurisic.

In previous years, the club has travelled to California and Louisiana.

The team will race universities and colleges from across North America.

“What we’re doing in two years, they do in four,” said Brewer.

Next year, the SAIT Baja team will go up against The University of British Columbia, MIT, among hundreds of other post-secondaries across North America.

“For a small tech school to jump in there and compete, it’s a huge deal,” said Brewer.

Last year, the team became a SAITSA club and is now under new leadership.

The club won’t be attending the race this year.

“Next year we’re going to go race for sure,” said Brewer.

Brewer and the vice president are both first year members that reorganized the leadership of the club.

“We found a really good core group and we all seem to have an even amount of drive. We all just want to get it done and reach as high as we can,” said Dylan Jackson, Vice President of the Baja Racing Team.

“Coming together as a team without previous leadership is something that we are really proud of as a club,” said Brewer.

The club is looking for a variety of members with experience with web design, advertising, business accounting, AV media and more.

“Our goals this year is to set up the club so it’s sustainable and repeatable for future years,” said Brewer.

“For a small tech school to jump in there and compete, it’s a huge deal,” said Brewer.

The club also plans to buy an enclosed trailer to use every year to help with transportation of their constructed vehicle.

Non-engineering students can’t drive in the race, but they are welcome to travel and participate in all other club activities. In order to race competitively members are required to be registered with the Society of Automotive Engineers.

However, everyone gets the chance to help test drive the vehicle.

“We’d still want the whole team to come,” said Brewer.

The membership fee for the club is $20 and comes with stickers and business cards.

The club meetings are held on Tuesdays in TF114 in the Thomas Riley Building at 5 p.m.

If students aren’t interested in joining the team, they can always help out by participating in the fundraising events or by purchasing some of the merchandise the club hopes to sell.

“I’m really proud of everyone, how much time they’ve put in on all our team efforts,” said Brewer.

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