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This week I had the chance to sit down with myself, and ask some hard hitting questions.


Who am I? What do I do? What are my interests?


My name is Alex Dimopoulos and I am your SAITSA President. My main interests are student concerns internally and externally. I am here to listen to what is needed on campus and in our communities. I am an advocate for student issues and I am your official student voice. I also like playing golf, hockey and baseball and enjoy listening to a variety of music. I can play the guitar and can bang on the drums as well. I am a business student in my 3rd year and have a lot of work experience in the food service industry. I enjoy fishing and watching live music and try to cook delicious food when at home.

How did I become SAITSA’s President?

To become a SAITSA President you must have people skills and be famous, to an extent, in the SAIT community. You must have the courage to walk up to a group of students studying, get their attention and introduce yourself. That group can either tell you to go away, half listen to you, or actively participate in what you are saying. You then need to deliver your ask for them to vote for you and field any hard questions they may have. After you are done saying your piece you must start this whole process over, many more times. This is the main strategy I used to win the student elections; actually go talk to students face to face.

Is it hard to become SAITSA President?

To answer the question of “is it hard?” I would say that yes it is a challenge. You have to bring your best game and be personable with all different types of people. You must also make a positive impression on all people even if they challenge you with difficult questions. A President has to be adaptable and do the right thing in every situation. Is there anything I know now that I would have liked to know when I first started at SAITSA? The biggest thing I would have liked to know is how much time SAITSA will take from your personal life. To be an effective President you must be around student activity at every opportunity. This involves activity during working hours but also after hours as well. In one day you could have a morning full of email responding, and afternoon with an expo/awareness event, and evening of committee and board meetings and to top it all off, a student event in the gateway in the night time. Some days at SAITSA you may show up at work at 8:30am and not leave SAIT until 11pm.

Do I plan on running in this year’s 2018/19 Executive Council elections?

No, I do not. I have been a Director on SAITSA’s Board of Directors, A Vice- President on the Executive Council and now President of SAITSA for 2017/18. It is time for me to retire from student politics and finish my Bachelors in Business Administration.

What does the future hold for the 2017/18 SAITSA President?

From now until September 2018, I will finish my term as President and find work for summer 2018. After that I would like to finish up 4th year from September 2018 – April 2019. After graduation I would like to find a nice job with salary and benefits in Supply Chain Management. I am interested in the procurement section of the supply chain which is responsible for finding resources. My passion is entrepreneurship though, so I am always actively looking for business opportunities and would be very interested in supporting a start up with the next great idea.

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