Odyssey Coffeehouse robbed

A break and enter occurred at the SAITSA owned Odyssey Coffeehouse.

“We’re just glad that it wasn’t worse and we’re glad that we don’t keep any cash on the premises,” said Shona White, SAITSA assistant manager, marketing and communications.

On the morning of Saturday, Jan. 20 an individual entered the Odyssey taking a
number of items from the cafe including a tablet, knife sharpener and scale.

“We had staff come in and open the Odyssey on Monday morning and throughout the morning they noticed that a few items were missing and things weren’t the same and that there was a bag left here.

“They realized that there was a break in,” said White.

Staff informed campus security of the break in and footage was reviewed revealing the individual entering the coffee shop.


“We’re just glad that it wasn’t worse and we’re glad that we don’t keep any cash on the premises”

A statement has been filed with campus security and Calgary Police Services (CPS).

Less than $200 was stolen from the store.

“There wasn’t a whole lot taken, some minor electronics,” said White.

“It was some odd items.”

White said that this is the first break and enter to take place at the Odyssey that she is aware of.

A bag containing empty wallets with the cash, credit cards and ID cards removed was found abandoned in the coffee shop.

“It looked like there were just items left that were of no use to him,” said White.

The individual has not been found as of now.

The alarm for the coffee shop is not set by SAITSA staff, it is set by security after the Odyssey has been visited by cleaners after the café has closed.

It does not appear that the alarm was set that night because the motion detectors were not activated until the suspect was behind the counter of the Odyssey.

Security footage is not able to clearly mark where the individual entered the store, but it appears that he used the emergency fire exit of the Odyssey to leave.

“It’s very brave [committing a break in] in such a public place,” said White.

SAITSA is looking for tips that could help lead to the identification of the individual.

“Let’s just hope that this never happens again,” said White.

If anyone knows or has information relevant to the break in they can contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the non-emergency CPS line 403-266-1234.

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