Start your February off right with 28 days of happiness

SAIT Student Development and Counselling is launching an online event to help maintain student happiness and well-being in February.

“We really wanted to have an initiative to talk about the fact that happiness isn’t just an issue that some people are happy and some people are not,” said Julie Edgers, education counsellor with SAIT Student Development and Counselling.

“We wanted to show that some people can come into counselling and learn strategies to improve their happiness and well-being.”

“It’s a great way that we’re connecting with students on campus and distant students off campus. It’s another way to help create support and positive communities on campus,” said Edgers.

The organization is launching the 28 Days of Happiness event on Thursday, Feb. 1.

It is an online event where students can sign up to receive emails to help maintain a positive well-being. Their emails will arrive daily to share facts, inspirations, actions, tools and mood-boosting campus
activities to help promote student’s well-being and happiness.

“For some people, happiness just feels like it’s this superficial concept, so that’s why we really wanted to put in the facts,” said Edgers.

The event is now in its fourth year, and has evolved to be offered in a way that is most efficient for participants.

The event was planned in February because of the stress associated with the month and the Trojan’s Make Some Noise Campaign.

“Happiness is improved by being in a community, and here at SAIT there are so many incredibly supportive resources. Rather than having student put their energy into finding ways to be happy we’re hoping that this guides them to supportive community spaces,” said Edgers.

All of counselling has been involved in developing the event.

The emails are centered around the PERMA system developed by psychologist Martin Seligman. The system is based around developing positive emotions, engagements, relationships, meanings and achievements to help people build and maintain happiness and well-being.

28 Days of Happiness also draws from other initiatives that promote well-being.

“It’s things that they can take forward with them once they leave SAIT too,” said Shelann McQuay, an education councillor with SAIT Student Development and Counselling.

McQuay said the event helps students to understand the positive choices they can make and explore the priorities they can take that help support their mental well-being and happiness.

Student Development and Counselling offers services year-round to support positive mental health including mental-health online self-screenings, self-help tools, student workshops, mindfulness events, classroom visits, club visits and one-on-one counselling.

“It’s free and a lot of students don’t realize that,” said McQuay.

Students can sign up to receive emails by emailing The deadline to enrol is Tuesday, Jan. 30.

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