SAIT basketball is back


Coming back from Christmas break can be a tough transition after being at home with family all month.

Both the men’s and women’s Trojans basketball teams finished 7 – 0 before the break and are looking to build off their impressive starts.

“Mentally I think everybody is focused on the same thing. Physically it’s all a matter of who is going to put in work and time over the break when our coach doesn’t tell us to,” said second-year men’s basketball guard, Dylan Cline.

“I think there is every time, you’re always eating a lot and taking a break from basketball being with your family. It can be hard,” said fourth-year women’s basketball guard, Martina Allen.

For student athletes, such as basketball players, it is important to stay at the top of your game, but make sure you take enough time off.

“We try to get a balance,” said Ranbir Parmar, head coach of the women’s basketball team.

Parmar said balance is the key because some of the players are just coming out of high school and the Trojans season is longer than most high school seasons.

Getting into the gym can be hard for some of the players, especially international students who are travelling home specifically to see family.

“Half the team is from here in Calgary and the other half is from out of town. Half of them haven’t seen their families in a while,” said Parmar.

Coach Parmar does have expectations for his team to make sure they work on their game.

“The expectation is that when we do take our break, that they’re doing some stuff on their own, some basketball stuff and then working out. There is going to be a drop off and we notice it a lot. When we come back from break it’s like hitting reset, we go backwards about two months.”

After a long break, staying undefeated is a challenge that both teams will have to face.

“Being undefeated is one of those things that doesn’t happen very often and so the chances of us making it the whole season without having some sort of failure or set back along the way is pretty slim,” said Parmar.

In coach Parmar’s first year at SAIT they were 23-0 going into the last game of the season and lost. So, being undefeated requires execution all the way to the last game.

The men’s basketball team went for a few runs to keep in shape as well as played a couple exhibition games to get some of the rust out of their game.

“When we get back we definitely get whipped into shape. We will do a little bit more conditioning then when we’re in season playing games,” said Cline.

Although, for high-level athletes in college it’s not hard to stay motivated especially when you’re undefeated.

“Right now the biggest thing for us is being first in the country and I think that’s everybody’s motivator. It’s always in the back of our heads so being there really keeps everyone focused and wanting to get after it even more because we have a huge opportunity this season.”

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