Paranormal convention comes to Calgary

Calgary ParaCon was held in the Globe Cinema on Nov. 4 and Nov. 5 with two full days of seminars with supernatural investigators, psychics and mediums.
Johanna Lane, a self-proclaimed open-minded sceptic, organized the event.
“It’s interesting and these people are so passionate about it, so it’s really cool to hear their enthusiasm,” said Lane.
Lane said because of the snow, some ticket holders didn’t come, but that didn’t spoil the fun.
“[Presenters] stay behind, let you ask questions afterwards, they’ll let you talk for hours,” said Lane.
The presenters were all very different in what they specialized in.
One presenter and a SAIT graphic design graduate, Robyn Cordon presented on her various investigations of haunted places.
She shared pictures and stories about the places and people she met along the way.
Cordon said she has been able to see ghosts since she was five-years-old.
She said she currently doesn’t make money off of her investigations, but she enjoys it.
“It’s a hobby I’d like to turn into something, but it’s very hard to find a line where you’re not exploiting the dead,” said Cordon.
Cordon said when she goes for investigations she brings gifts for the deceased and plays her guitar.
“I treat everything like a dinner party.”
On the first day of the event she conducted a small investigation in the Globe Cinema.
“I got everybody to go into a circle do some breathing, connect with each other and then we did a spirit box session where a guy came out and his name was Steve,” said Cordon.
A spirit box is a small device that scans radio frequencies to create white noise that supposedly, ghosts can use to communicate with the living.
“I didn’t really think anything was going to happen, but it did, and everybody started feeling [the] cold and heat,” said Cordon.
“It was a really good experience to kick off the whole paranormal thing.”
Crystal Johanson, another presenter, focused more on people.
“I really want to open peoples’ eyes to stuff that they are capable of and bring that into their daily life,” said Johanson.
Her presentation’s focus was helping people learn about manifestation, which is the idea that the universe can provide you with all you need in life.
“My main mission is to help people with healing and creating the life that they want,” said Johanson.
Johanson said she was able to manifest herself a car, a “twin flame” and various other things that make her life better.
“You have to put the work in,” said Johanson, “but if you reframe your thinking, the universe could help you.”
Johanson’s presentation was part meditation, part motivational speech, but left the audience with one important reminder, “start living life like you own it.”

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