Conspiracy central

With all the terrible things happening in the world everyday, it may bring some comfort to think that this is all caused by secret sinister powers.
Conspiracy theories are nothing new, with some believing to this day that Hitler’s suicide was a hoax, but it has become more and more prevalent in mainstream media.
University of Calgary sociology major Kimberly Rude remembers first hearing mentions of the Illuminati around the eighth grade.
“That was my first exposure into conspiracy theories I think,” said Rude as she refers to her classmates talking about music moguls Jay-Z and Beyoncé being a part of the alleged secret society.
She later found out that her father was a big believer in the Illuminati and had been researching them for a few years.
Former Canadian Military member Scott Muirhead, however, is much less open-minded to the idea of conspiracy theories.
“Most conspiracy theories can be easily disputed if people applied the same level of scepticism to their own beliefs as they do to the official accounts,” said Muirhead.
“In order for the earth to be flat, we would have to assume that every government, the entire aviation industry, shipping companies, scientists, mathematician, etc., are all in on a massive conspiracy for reasons no one can explain.”
While it’s hard to really defend theories such as the earth being flat, there are still people such as musician B.o.B., who started a GoFundMe page to send multiple satellites into space in search of “earth’s curve.”
Even more recently, the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas has people questioning if police and government reports were in fact accurate, or if there was something amiss.
Several witness accounts place more than one shooter at the scene, while others believe the fired shots did not in fact come from the 32nd floor, but perhaps a lower floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.
Authorities were constantly revising their story and timeline, which did not exactly help.
“The media puts a story out in one way, and a majority of people believe it because it’s a trusted source,” said Rude.“If you’re hearing it from the government, you obviously trust that.”
With the majority of media outlets being owned in the United States by six major corporations, it can be hard to be certain we are being shown all sides of a story.
There is so much control on what information is being shared with the world in the hands of such few people.
Their influence is undeniable when you see that we, as news consumers, are only given the illusion of choice and alternate news sources.
It’s important to take different viewpoints into consideration and to question things that honestly don’t appear right, but also, to not overanalyze every situation or news report.
While a healthy amount of scepticism is part of being aware and curious about the world around you, it can be easy to fall down a rabbit hole and be fooled into thinking everyone is out to get you.

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