Bringing home the bronze

The SAIT men’s soccer team didn’t let the loss that sent them to the bronze medal game, and away from nationals, stop them from bringing home one final win of the 2017/2018 season.
The team became the bronze medal champions by shutting out Concordia University of Edmonton Thunder, with a single goal scored by midfielder Nick Moore.
While the day was plagued with high winds, not the best weather for soccer, the Trojans took advantage of it while they could, scoring the goal while the wind was on their side and closed the doors on Concordia.
Second year goalie, Kyle Greenley said that the team wanted to finish the season on a high note.
“Obviously, get the win, we didn’t want to finish with two losses.”
Greenley, who didn’t play in the final game, said it was cold from the benches and the team was miserable but kept in good spirits while they cheered their teammates on.
The Trojans were full of mixed emotions after the game, excited about their bronze medal, but disappointed about missing nationals.
“I know for myself it was nice just to get the bronze, and finish on a high,” said Greenley
The men’s soccer team finished the season off with a 8-1-1 record, both the tie game and the loss coming from the Lethbridge College Kodiaks.
“Overall I would say it was a solid season,” said Greenley.
“Top of the division, you can’t complain about that.”
Looking forward, Greenley said the team needs to work on is their depth.
He said that this season they had about 14 or 15 players they could rely on, rather than the full 18 that they had last year.
A team with good depth means that if a player gets injured or suspended, there would be someone who could step up and play the game just as well.
In the semi-final game, the Trojans were missing two of their defenders, Bryan Johnson and Matthew Jakuszko, which forced the team to shift players around and change their systems.
“We kind of got exposed a little bit by that,” said Greenly.
Looking back on the season, Greenley said his team moved the ball well. When they were on the field they would dictate the game and the tempo. He said if the team fell behind, they wouldn’t get flustered and would continue to play “their style.”
“We came into some games where we would play teams and it was just ping a ball far and down the wing,” said Greenley.
“Whereas we would just keep it and just work down the middle.”
He said their style of play would create space for their forwards to put the ball in the net.
The goaltender said looking back on his personal play this season, he wishes he got a few more shut outs, but the wins mattered more.
As he finishes his last year in SAIT’s Automotive Service Technician program, Greenley hopes to be accepted into the Business and Administration program and to continue to play soccer with the Trojans.

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