Every nickle and dime counts

Money management during school can be a challenge, making a plan to bring in a bit of extra cash is always a pleasant experience.

While most students have part-time jobs and budget their income to get through college, some manage to find an out-of-the-ordinary way to bring in extra earnings.

Diego Balzan, a student in the pharmacy assistance program at SAIT, said he makes money on his phone using an app called Applike.

“If you play a lot of games on your phone, you get points, and when you get enough points you can redeem them,” said Balzan.

Applike points, called mCoins, can be exchanged for PayPal credit or gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Netflix or Google Playstore.

According to Balzan, Applike suggests games similar to the games already on the user’s phone. Installing and playing those games for a specific amount of time will grant points to the user.

“Have you heard about sneakerheads?” said Tanzan Hossain, a first-year information technology student at SAIT.

Sneakerheads are people who collect or trade rare or limited-edition sneakers as a hobby, and resell them for a higher profit. Hossain is one of them.

He buys the limited-edition sneakers online and either resells them or keeps them for himself.

“You could buy a pair of sneakers for about $350 and sell it for at least $600,” said Hossain.

“It depends on the shoes.

“Once I sold a pair for $2,000.”

He uses Facebook groups, google search and sneaker selling websites like to find limited-edition and in-demand sneakers.

“Kanye West designed sneakers are very popular now,” he said. “If you’re lucky you can find a good one.”

Jackie Parra, a second-year hospitality management student at SAIT, once made some extra cash by serving wine at a corporate Christmas party.

“I served wine for two hours and they paid me $140,” she said.

The job was offered to her friend, who is also a hospitality management student, while serving a guest at the Highwood last year.

“A guest asked her ‘Hey, do you want to work for us?’ and she couldn’t so she gave me the job,” said Parra.

Parra said being a hospitality management student, she is likely to find similar opportunities again, and she is looking forward to serving wine at the upcoming corporate Christmas party this year.

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