Danko Jones ready to get wild at The Gateway

DANKO JONES Photo by Dustin Rabin -

Photo by Dustin Rabin 

Danko Jones, twenty-year veterans of the Canadian music scene, will be returning to The Gateway, bringing howling guitars paired with wild vocals.

“It’s [The Gateway] a great room, it’s very intimate, sometimes too intimate, but I enjoy that,” joked Danko Jones, lead guitarist and singer for the band Danko Jones.

“It makes for a really good show when the back and forth between the stage and the audience is that much closer. Some of the best shows are like that,” said Jones, describing that he likes how interactive the stage setup is at The Gateway.

The larger shows offer a unique challenge in that it forces musicians to play louder to close the gap with audiences.

“There’s a disconnect between the audience and the stage and the only bridge to that is volume. But that doesn’t really make for a back and forth,” said Jones.

With The Gateway stage, the band can have an interactive and intimate experience that makes for a more memorable show.

The show comes on the heels of the band’s latest release, and eighth studio album, Wild Cat.

“We’re very proud of it,” said Jones.

The album came out earlier this year and the band has spent several months touring the country promoting Wild Cat building up to a great show at The Gateway.

Jones and bass guitarist, John “JC” Calabrese, have been playing together for twenty years and were joined in 2013 by Rich Knox on Drums.

“It’s great, it works or else we wouldn’t keep doing it,” said Jones.

When the band first started out they were a garage punk band drawing influences from bands that include The Oblivion, The Gories, The John Spencer Blues Explosion and The Makers. They began to alter their sound making the move into becoming a hard-rock band.

“It was just something we naturally became and we kind of left the garage rock scene and were embraced by the hard rock scene,” said Jones.

The band went on to tour Europe and was influenced by the hard rock scene on the continent.

“We kept at it, that how you find us here today,” said Jones.

Jones also hosts a music podcast where he has the opportunity to interact with fellow musicians. The host is selective in who he chooses to have on the show with guests ranging from friends he wants to hang out with to musicians he has admired.

“I don’t reach out and I don’t do open calls. I don’t try and find anyone I can just find. It’s usually just friends or people I’ve admired for a long time.

“It makes for an easy conversation. It’s like shooting the s*** like we always do, and if it’s with somebody I really admire I have a million questions I want to ask them,” said Jones.

Harley Flannigan, of the thrash band the Cro-Mag, guested on a recent episode, has been a stand-out guest for Jones. Jones said that the episode serves as a perfect example of Jones getting to collaborate with a rock hero.

“He was so cool to me it was great to do. What an experience,” said Jones.

The musician also has a book coming out. I’ve Got Something to Say comes out in spring of next year and explores Jones experiences as an artist.

“It’s a compendium of all my writing and rock and roll writing for rock magazines over the years.”

Duff McKagan, bassist for the Guns’N’Roses wrote the forward for the book and he got illustrations for some of the articles.

“It is something that I’m very proud of.” 

Get ready to rock out with Danko Jones on Thursday, Nov. 9.

Tickets are available from Ticketmaster, Sloth Records and SAITSA.

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