The Travelling Jagrs bring attention to a hockey legend

Normally, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but not when it comes to dressing up as hockey legend Jaromir Jagr.

The talk of the NHL, the Travelling Jagrs, got the idea to dress up as the 45-year-old NHL star for Halloween while on vacation in Las Vegas, Nev. and thought it was so funny that they decided to wear the costumes to any game that Jagr plays.

The group takes pride in bringing attention to someone they truly believe deserves it.

“People have, not necessarily under-rated him, but underappreciated just how good he is on the ice,” said Trevor Freeman, commonly known as Dallas Jagr.

One of Freeman’s favourite memories from his experiences with the Travelling Jagrs happened during a game in Florida, when somebody asked, “why are you doing this?”

Freeman told the spectator to watch Jagr’s next shift, in which Jagr picks up the puck, protects the puck, cycles the puck, and gets multiple good scoring chances before his line finally scores.

Freeman explained to the fan that Jagr was 43, at the time, and almost every other player on the ice was in their 20s and Jagr still controlled the play, and even made the other team look silly.

“That was a really cool moment to be able to sit with a fan and they don’t see the costume anymore, they see the game through our eyes,” said Freeman

Although the Travelling Jagrs appreciate the attention they have received from Jagr, Freeman said it has never been their priority to seek him out and bother him.

“We’re not trying to hang over the glass and get an autograph or get in his hair at all,” said Freeman.

“The rules of our group are to not bother him.”

Freeman said he believes Jagr has no problem interacting with the group.

Most recently the Calgary Flames forward surprised the Travelling Jagrs at the Flames first home game of the season, Jagr was caught on camera skipping over to the group to give them a Calgary Flames’ Jagr jersey.

“That he chose to come over to us, was a pretty special moment,” said Freeman.

“He came in and said, ‘you know if I don’t play well I’ll come and join you guys,’” said Freeman.

That wasn’t the first time the group had met Jagr.

While Jagr was still playing for the Florida Panthers, the Travelling Jagrs had gone to the game, and when it was over, Jagr had sent his girlfriend to go get a picture of the group, then later they got to meet with the hockey legend. 

“He was everything we had hoped he would be.”

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